Clearing Unwanted Energies from a Place

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In a world full of polarity, with positive energy you will almost certainly find the negative. You have probably encountered negative energy before but may not have recognized it. Some common experiences from encountering negative energy include:

  • a “gut feeling”

  • pain

  • a sense of unease

  • headache

  • nausea, pressure on the body

  • chills

  • a humming sound

  • a dark mist

  • a sense of doom

  • emotions that shift quickly

If you suspect that you may have encountered negative energy, or a wondering what to do for future reference, then you’ll want to read on...

Rule out Mundane Causes

Have you switched cleaners in your home or hygiene routine? Some chemicals commonly found in everyday items can have adverse effects on our bodies. Could there be a gas leak or some other environmental pollutant in your home? Make sure to check the sources for these types of invaders.

If you can rule out these causes, you may be in the presence of negative energy.

Remove the Unwanted Energy

Negative energy likes to collect where  energy is stagnant. Corners are a primes area to collect unwanted energy. Energy can become stagnant in the following circumstance: 

  • too much clutter

  • no sunlight

  • no air circulation

  • little room to move around

Remove Physical Items

Physical items give off unfavorable energy when they are no longer useful to you or do not bring you fond feelings, even if it is technically valuable. If you can, give items to people who will appreciate them, donate usable items, sell them if you want. Throw out things that are not usable. Surround yourself only with things that you love or have a positive association with.

Clean your Space Physically

Once you have removed broken, unwanted, or unneeded pieces, it's time to clean house. As you clean, set your intention to remove unwanted energies. Depending on the season you may wish to open windows and let fresh air flow through. Even a crack will help. Open curtains or blinds that may be blocking the sunlight from entering. Clean the glass in the windows with a natural product. You can make your own using essential oils (Clary Sage and Peppermint are great for cleansing energetically, Lemon for brightening) and vinegar or there are plenty on the market to purchase.

Imagine removing the unwanted energy along with the physical grime as you dust, sweep, mop, vacuum and wipe. 

Sound Cleaning

The physical cleansing is often enough to remove any negativity from your space, but if you would like you may wish to use music, chimes, singing bowls or other vibrations to disperse energy. 

Smoke Cleaning

Smoke can also cleanse a space energetically, especially smoke produced from burning sage, Palo Santo, and incense. Place any of these in a fireproof/heatproof container and walk around your space, letting the smoke waft into each corner. Visualize it going through the walls and floor and dissolving anything that is polluting the room.

Salt Spray

To seal the positive energy in place, mix water and a pinch of sea salt in a spray bottle. Spray this mixture around the perimeter of the room focusing on corners or areas where negative energy is prone to collect. Salt water does not interact well with electronics, woods, upholstery, or curtains. Use care when spraying near any of these.

Protect the Space

Once you have physically and energetically cleaned the entire space you'll want to protect it from future negative energy that would like to make itself at home.

Selenite Grid

Infuse several selenite rods with your intention to protect the space from unwanted energies. Place one rod in each of the corners of the room. As you place a rod, imagine lines connecting it to each of the other rods to form a protective barrier.

Window Sills

To add more protection, try placing Smokey Quartz or Obsidian on each window sill and the top of each door frame in the room.


Infuse an Amethyst crystal with the intention to protect. Place it high on a book case, mantle, or shelf. From this position, the Amethyst can emit a spiritually protective light into the space. You could use a large Smokey Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Jet, Black Onyx, or Black Obsidian for this purpose.

Intention is key

Intention is what will make the biggest difference throughout this process. You can clean the whole day but without the intention, the work you did will not carry the same weight as someone who only did half the work, but had the intention to remove the negative vibrations.


Space Cleansing Checklist

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