8 Crystals for the Grounding

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Grounding is as simple as it sounds. It is an act of connecting with the ground. This can mean walking barefoot or lying down on your back in the grass or dirt.

The theory is that humans originally spent much more time in contact with the earth (walking barefoot, sleeping on the ground) and that our current existence has distanced us from that connection and therefore deprived of the natural energy of the earth.

Touching the earth reestablishes this connection and equalizes your energy.

Some witches ground and center before rituals in order to stabilize their energy. Grounding is also connected to the root chakra. You've probably heard of chakras before, even if you aren't clear on what they are. Based on the Sanskrit word for "wheels," the seven chakras are spinning energy centers found throughout the body. Each one is associated with a different color and effect on your body.

The root chakra, sometimes called base chakra, has to do with being grounded and stable. It is what roots you to the earth, and when it is out of balance, you can feel insecure without realizing why. In theory, a truly healthy person has all their chakras spinning freely and the energy flowing easily between the base and the crown chakra, but sometimes they get blocked or stuck.

This is a list of crystals you can use to boost your grounding practice.

Groundings Crystals

1. Bloodstone

A deep green chalcedony with occasional spots of red, bloodstone is an incredibly interesting stone to look at. Traditionally, it was believed that this stone could stop bleeding and was eventually associated with all kinds of healing. Like most green stones, it is good for prosperity work, but because of the inclusions of red, it is also beneficial for working with earth energy and grounding.

2. Garnet

Garnet brings love, joy, protection, healing and compassion into your life. Who couldn't use more of these things? It can be used as a substitute for the more expensive ruby, but it is really beautiful in it's own right. Garnet is a deep, sometimes almost black, red stone that lets a small amount of light shine through. It has long been considered a stone for lovers, and is useful for all kinds of protective purposes, including guarding against thieves, negative energy, and nightmares.

3. Goldstone

Goldstone is a mesmerizing, manmade glass that holds a tiny galaxy of copper stars. A special process, originally created by Monks in Italy, is needed to create the stone’s metallic gleam. Goldstone is believed to hold energy of those who touch it. For this reason it is often given as a gift to loved ones in hopes of grounding one another together. The metallic specks of copper and the reflective glass repel unwanted energy making goldstone a wonderful stone for protection.

4. Hematite

If you have ever felt like you are all over the place and can't get it together, you might need the seriously powerful grounding energy that hematite provides. It is thought of as a most effective stone for grounding oneself in the body and physical world. It align the chakras, and absorbs negative energy from your body, helping you feel stable and centered. Hematite can also counteract spaciness and confusion, calming you in times of stress of worry to help you stay grounded in any situation.

5. Obsidian

You might think that all stones are associated with the element of earth, but there is one that is also connected to fire, and that is obsidian. This stone is so shiny and cool looking because it comes from volcanoes as a naturally occurring glass that is formed when lava cools very fast. It is blackest black, and it's shining surface makes it perfect for divination. It is protective, reflecting back all negative or malicious energy. Obsidian is a grounding stone that can help to center when you feel pulled in too many directions. Use it for grounding, and finding a peaceful, quiet mind,

6. Onyx

Onyx is generally thought of as a protective stone, and it is very powerful in this respect. Onyx absorbs and transforms negative energy, and helps to prevent the drain of personal energy. But, Onyx is also a grounding stone that increases focus and attention to detail while eliminating confusion. This stone aides your mental agility while it grounds you. It enables you to concentrate more clearly and fosters wise decision-making.

7. Red Jasper

When I think of red jasper, I think of the Earth. Red jasper is full of grounding Earth energy. It can connect you deeply to the vibrations of the Earth, bringing a greater understanding of the necessity of natural events. The red color is thought to represent of the blood of the Earth. While this stone carries magical grounding energies, it is one of the more gentle grounding stones, working slowly, but effectively.

8. Smokey Quartz

If you need some help banishing negativity, work with smokey quartz. Like all other members of the quartz family, it is magically powerful. It was a more muted power than the supercharged energy of clear quartz, like how smoke in a room can dampen the sound of music. Smokey quartz is a great mental health stone. Not only does it help to rid you of negativity, it elevates your mood and helps in dealing with depression. It is also a great grounding stone.


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