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Some Terminology

Crystal elixirs go by many names: gem elixirs, gem tonics, gem essences, crystal waters, crystal essences, crystal tonics, and more. Technically there is some variation in what each of these terms mean. 

A gem is a cut crystal, and not all stones are crystals. However, for simplicity, I will refer to them all collectively as “crystals”. Let’s also identify the difference between elixir, essence and tonic.

An essence is an extract or concentrate of a material, like a crystal, flower, herb or emotion. Specifically, a crystal essence is a liquid that has the energetic imprint of the crystals unique vibration. An elixir is a potion made of one or more essence and is usually designed for a specific purpose. Both essences and elixirs can be tonics. 

With all that in mind, Let’s look into  the process for making crystal essences and elixirs.

What are Crystals Elixirs?

A crystal elixir is made by infusing water with the vibration of crystals. Crystals have a lattice energetic structure that is stable and unchanging. These vibrations influence their surroundings and anything in them on a molecular level, which is why they can be used for healing and in magic. Water is a highly organized structure that crystalizes readily. When water encounters the vibration of a crystal it reorganizes to mimic and store the pattern of the crystals vibration. 

The mineral components within the crystal contribute to different vibration patterns, as does the color and shape of the crystal.

The process of this energy transfer is not yet fully understood until the science of quantum physics matures. However, the effect of crystal essences and elixirs has been recorded by many cultures throughout history.

In ancient China, jade, cinnabar and hematite were used for elixirs meant to promote longevity. Vedic texts from 3000 BC speak of elixirs and their uses. In ancient Greece and Medieval Europe, people used powdered gemstones to treat maladies. 

Modern people add minerals to water as well. They are used for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing as well as magic. The most common way of using them is by drinking the water, but they can also be used topically on the skin or added to bath water. These simple, magical potions work through the body’s direct absorption of the vibrations of the crystal, creating an alignment between your own energy and that of the stone chosen for the particular purpose.

What kind of crystal should I use?

There are so many choices of crystals available it can be overwhelming to determine the right choice for the job. There are a few things to consider when choosing the crystal(s) you will use to create your elixirs.

Since the structure of the crystal is important to the vibration it emits, the crystal you choose to make an essence should be true and pure. You don’t want to use manufactured or synthetic crystals. It’s not that hard to find unadulterated crystals, just be sure to ask questions of the shop.

Remember too, that some crystals and stones are highly toxic, and should never be used in essences. Amazonite, azurite, cinnabar, emerald, malachite, and pyrite are just a few examples of minerals containing toxins that can leach into the water. For a full list click here

There are also some stones that will actually begin to dissolve in water, such as selenite and kunzite. In fact, as a general rule, crystal names that end in “ite” should avoid contact with water. 

I’d also recommend using polished or tumbled stones instead of raw or natural. This reduces the risk of unwanted minerals leeching not the water.

Finally, consider the effects you would life to experience: more energy, calm and relaxation, sleep aid, focused mind, creative spark, transmuting negativity, etc. Remember that crystal elixirs are not a replacement for medication or advice from a physician. They should be treated a supplementary and used in partnership.

I often suggest you go with your gut when it comes to selecting which crystal to use, but when it comes to crystal elixirs, please do thorough research. Later in this post you will find suggested spells and recipes. These are a good place to start, or use another trusted guide, before branching out on your own.

What kind of water should I use? 

You may think that water is water, but water is incredibly receptive. It absorbs the sight, smell, taste, and feel of its environment. It reflects whatever surrounds it on its surface whether that’s a serene mountain scene or a stormy sky. It can smell and taste sweet, or sulfury based on where it flows. It changes based on the emotions of it’s surroundings. But whatever it has taken in, water is the elixir of life, a miracle substance.

Because of this ability to absorb whatever is around it, water can take on all the energy that the mineral kingdom has to offer. Minerals and water work together as essential building blocks of the natural world and the creatures that live here.

The best water to use for elixirs is pure, natural, spring water that has not touched plastic. This is a big ask so, as a witch, you can certainly purify whatever water you have access to in your area. So long as the water is safe to drink, cleanse it using moonlight, sunlight, visualization and intention or any other method you prefer and it’s good to use for your crystal essences and elixirs.

We want natural spring water from deep within the earth - Mother Nature's true elixir. We want it free of hydrocarbons found in plastic. We want it handled and processed by those with pure intentions and good hearts. We want only pure, natural water. 

How to Make Simple Crystal Elixirs

These instructions are for creating a simple elixir. You can then apply to the same procedure using any of the recipes or spells that follow. 

In general, the crystal water is safe to drink for as long as any uncharged water is safe to drink (a few days maybe a week). To make an elixir last longer and prevent microbial growth, add a preservative. Preservatives come in the form of alcohol like brandy or vodka. You can also use distilled vinegar. Just add a few drops of your preferred preservative to make it last longer.

Please note that the recipes provided within this post involve only crystals that are safe for use in water. The main method is called the Direct Method in which the crystal is immersed in the water. There are also instructions for charging water without placing stones directly in the water. This method, called the Indirect Method, is perfect for using toxic or brittle crystals in crystal elixirs. In the Indirect Method the crystal is placed on a barrier that is in contact with the water. This barrier transfer the energy of the crystal into the water while protecting the crystal from the effects of water damage and protecting the water (and you) from leeching toxic minerals.

Feel free to employ either method in your practice so long as safety is always your top priority. 

You will also notice that the materials below call for a glass container. Glass has no crystal structure or known shape and it is transparent. Because of these characteristics, it does not influence the water energetically and only acts as a vessel. It also prevents contaminants from passing into the water when used for the Indirect Method of creating crystal elixirs.


  • Spring water or purified water (filtered tap water will do in a pinch)  

  • Clear glass container (a bowl, drinking glass, carafe, or pitcher) 

  • Lid for the container (optional) 

  • Crystal or stone of your choice  

  • 3 to 5 quartz crystals (optional) 

  • Your intention


Place a cleansed and charged crystal(s) (not the clear quartz) in a glass bowl, focusing on your magical intention for the elixir.

Slowly, pour the spring, distilled or filtered water over the stones. Fill the container with enough water for your intended use. 

Allow the crystal’s vibration to charge the water for at least 2 hours. Many witches prefer to leave the container in direct sunlight, perhaps on a windowsill or outside (covered with a lid to keep bugs out). Use care, as sunlight can fade the color of some crystals such as amethyst and other colored quartz. Moonlight also works for this purpose and won’t fade the color. Alternatively, leave the water anywhere you like, even in the fridge and the crystals will still charge the water.

Optionally, use the clear quartz to create a circle around the container. This strengthens the vibrational quality of the water.

Once the elixir is charged, it’s ready to use. Add it to bathwater, place it on energy and/or pressure points, use it in room sprays and cleaners, drink it and more! At this point you can add the preservative if using.

As you pour from the container be careful to catch the crystal(s) in your hand. Thank it/them for the energy it’s/they’ve provided you with.

Timing, location, water and crystal quality, and duration all effect the resulting crystal elixir. As you grow and learn crystal alchemy, you will begin to understand how the nature of the crystal, the astrological conditions, the moon phase, time of day, and season, and other circumstances effect your creations. Experiment and take notes about your experiences to continue to improve your abilities when it comes to preparing crystal elixirs.

Common Crystals for Elixirs:

The following list includes common crystals and the effects you can expect from their elixir.

(I) denotes Indirect Method and (D) denotes Direct Method.

  • (D) Blue Lace Agate – Soothes and relaxes the body; aides in peaceful sleep.

  • (I) Amazonite – Balances metabolism. Caution: Trace amounts of Copper.

  • (D) Amber – Alleviates throat problems; antibiotic.

  • (D) Amethyst – Relieves mental stress, insomnia.

  • (D) Aquamarine – Calms and lifts mood, strenght and courage, clarification

  • (I) Green Aventurine – Relaxes and soothes the heart. Caution: Contains Aluminum.

  • (D) Bloodstone – Aides in releasing emotional stagnation; heals blood disorders.

  • (D) Carnelian – High-energy, raises and balances energy level, creativity.

  • (D) Citrine – Mental clarity; energizes the body.

  • (D) Fluorite – Alleviates bone/joint/tooth pain; aides concentration; anti-viral.

  • (I) Garnet – High-energy, clears negativity, boosts passion and vitality. Caution: Contains Aluminum.

  • (I) Malachite – Puts physical, spiritual and emotional body in harmony. Grounding. Caution: Contains poisonous/toxic copper.

  • (I) Moonstone – Calming and nurturing, balances hormones, relieves discomfort of reproductive functions. Caution: Contains Aluminum.

  • (D) Clear Quartz Crystal – An all-purpose healing crystal.

  • (D) Rose Quartz – Alleviates emotional problems, increases love and compassion.

The Beginning of your Exploration

Treat this post as an introduction to your crystal elixir journey. Truly, we have only just scratched the surface of the exciting study of crystal alchemy.

Crystal essences and elixirs are a beautiful way to bring more magic and wonder into your daily life. They can heal, enhance your spiritual connection, energize your body and your mind, ground and center your energy, offer protection, increase your creativity, transmute unhelpful energy, and more!

I look forward to seeing how your journey unfolds.

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