7 Crystals for Prosperity


Have you ever heard people say “money is an energy?” They’re talking about the power of attraction; the idea that our mindset can help us create more abundance. It is possible to manifest more money into your life.

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The fastest, most effective way to bring money into your life is to increase you feelings of joy, excitement, and adventure. It’s true!

Having fun, being in the moment, having great sex, and experiencing lots of laughter is better at attracting abundance in all areas of your life including financially. Yes, it’s better than “working hard.” It’s important to take time to enjoy the time you have and, in doing so, your dreams come true.

This should be your top priority, especially if you have a hard time believing you will ever be financially wealthy.

Money Mindset

I have found that money is one of the most complicated topics for witches and other manifesters and energy workers. There is something called, “poverty consciousness,” or “scarcity mindset.” These are terms used to describe people who perceive matters of money in terms of there never being enough.

The emotions tied to this and therefore to money itself, are often fear, misery, anxiety, and other low vibe emotions. With these emotions vibrating at such a low frequency, it’s unlikely that a person in this state would ever attract a positive experience with money.

Another complicated relationship that some people have with money is guilt. Guilt about wanting more that they have, or having a hard time understanding that you can be grateful for what you have and also desire more for yourself.

Money is often referred to as “the root of all evil.” To want it, is to be greedy, and greedy people are not good people. It creates a contradiction, if “I am a good person, I shouldn’t want to have money.”

Then, some people decide that money doesn’t matter and choose to focus on what they deem more important aspects of life.

I personally believe that if more good people believed they deserve to have money, the world would be a better place.

There are some people who have a lot of money and do things we disagree with, so we associate the money with the deed. But ultimately money is just a tool. Bad people use money to do bad things, and good people use money to do good things.

Influence of Society

There’s also the societal influence involved with your money mindset.

Maybe you work in a field that doesn’t pay well, and you’ve just come to terms with the reality that your paycheck will always be small. You likely know that you have low odds for winning the lottery. You probably don’t foresee any of your relatives leaving you a significant inheritance when they pass on.

So, when thinking through your financial prospects, you have decided to just be happy with what you have and you’ve stopped dreaming of the wealth you desire. In doing so, you have also placed a limit on your potential by believing you cannot be wealthy.

It may seem contradictory when there are facts involved: low paycheck, no lottery, no inheritance, what use is belief?

Well, you’re limiting belief is the belief that these are the only possible sources of significant wealth that could come your way. This is a cultural belief, to see these avenues as the only sources of abundance.

You reinforce these belief when you say things like, “I just need to work harder and then I’ll really make it,” or, “My problems would be solved if I could just win the lottery,” or, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

According to society, hard work and luck are the only ways you’ll ever have money. But this is provably false. There are plenty of people who are wealthy without working hard at all, and plenty of people who work themselves into exhaustion who never prosper financially.

According to society, it’s best to just be realistic about your financial prospects. Sensible people accept their lot in life. Your desire for money is a fantasy to daydream about, but nothing more.

Using Crystals

It’s one thing to work on changing your beliefs about about money but when it comes to bringing more abundance into your life, you may need a boost. Allow crystals to help you to achieve your goals by using them throughout your day to make your dreams a reality.

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Moss Agate

Moss Agate is a stone of wealth that can help you to manifest your dreams. Not only does this crystal attract abundance into your life, it also releases fear and stress, which can have negatively impact your mindset surrounding your goals.

It’s name refers to the appearance of the stone, the markings often resemble moss. Because of this strong connected to nature it is wonderful for bringing about abundance, stability and balance. 


First found in Russia in 1830 on Czar Alexander II’s birthday, this crystal took his name and its red and green coloring is, coincidentally, the same colors found in the Russian Imperial Guard. Alexandrite is a symbol of royal power it was named for and, as such, it can bring wealth and joy into your life.

Alexandrite is one of the rarest gemstones on Earth and some pieces are more valuable than diamonds. If you have low self-respect it can be helpful in strengthening your willpower and feelings of self-importance. When kept in your wallet, this stone will attract wealth and luck to you.


Aventurine is a positive stone that will help you to recognize the possibilities in your life. Use it to bring good luck and lead you down prosperous paths. Keeping this stone near you will only result in positive benefits.

This stone is also useful in blocking electromagnetic and geopathic stress. If you use your cell phone frequently it may be beneficial to tape Aventurine to the back in order to protect you from the potentially harmful emanations.

Most Aventurine is from Brazil, India and Russia; however it was named after a type of Italian glass discovered around 1700, due to its likeness.


Chrysoprase is a rare and valuable type of green Chalcedony. This vibrant green stone can bring you hope, prosperity, joy and health.

To help keep an optimistic outlook on the world, it can be helpful to keep Chrysoprase in your pocket. This is a prosperous stone that can help you move past your limiting beliefs in order to embrace the prosperity you deserve.

It is also useful when mediating especially about matters ruled by the Heart Chakra. Wear it as jewelry to help heal past relationship wounds. The ancient Greeks used Chrysoprase over two thousand years ago because they believed it promotes love and truth.

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One of the best crystals for prosperity is Citrine. According to Feng Shui, when placed in the farthest left corner from the door, Citrine will attract wealth to the household.

Not only does Citrine attract abundance, it actually dissolves any unhelpful or negative energy it absorbs. In this way, it is extremely useful when clearing the Chakras and when creating new thought forms or beliefs.

This yellow crystals holds the energy of the Sun, so wear it to help builds your self-confidence and self-worth. Light your soul on fire!

Green Jade

Jade is a prosperous stone that represents purity. Like most green stones, it is exceedingly helpful when working with the Heart Chakra.

Green is known to be a color of abundance, and Green Jade has been used for centuries for good luck and protection especially in Eastern practices.

Place this stone on your forehead (over the Third Eye Chakra) while meditating — especially before bed — to bring insightful dreams.

Green Tourmaline

This crystals comes in a variety of shades of green, from olive to emerald. Because of this Green Tourmaline — aka Verdalite — works wonders in a garden. Plants grown in the presence of this stone prosper and produce fruit bountifully.

Another crystal that works well with the Heart Chakra, Green Tourmaline promotes life, growth and healing. Wearing or carrying this stone will not only attract wealth to you, but will also help you work through your self-limitations and come up with creative solutions.

Welcome prosperity

There are a wide range of crystals that are wonderful to work with when it comes to changing your money mindset. Many of them offer support so you can turn your life around in order to enjoy the abundance you deserve.

Spend some time experimenting with a variety and searching for the “right” crystal or stone for you. Select the one you are drawn to most, as this is likely what you need at this time. Whether the energy or the appearance of the stone calls to you, use your intuition and trust it to know what is best for you.


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