Crystals to Add to Your Garden


Gardening can be tricky. Even if you do everything you are supposed to do, sometimes plants just don’t seem to thrive. There are many tricks and secrets behind gardening success. Singing and talking to your plants in a positive way is thought to encourage productivity. Placing gnomes, the elemental spirit of earth energy, can offer support and protection. Implementing Feng Shui techniques can promote balance and harmony. But have you ever thought to add the healing energy of crystals to your garden?

All living things have energy, this includes flowers, plants and tree. They are built of cells that react to the nurturing vibrations of crystals. Just as you would use a crystal to help heal a physical ailment in your human body, to provide emotional support or to guide you meditation, you can use crystals to help heal sick plants, and give them the support they need to grow strong and beautiful. 

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Crystals are born from the earth, and by returning them to earth, they can create a healthy surrounding that will reflect back at you. The Earth provides us with everything we need. Make an offering to your garden plants and pay your respect to nature by understanding that you are a participant and not only a consumer.

Another benefit is that crystals can also bring forth healthier, more productive plants. By placing crystals strategically around your garden, you can direct specific energies into your plants that will promote fertile growth and vibrancy.

Note: Throughout this post I’ll be using the word garden loosely to mean basically where you grow plants. For you this may mean the containers of tomatoes on your city balcony, or the plot of land with rows of crops on your country property, and everything in between. No matter what kind of garden you have, no matter the size, you can use crystals to provide beneficial energy to your garden. 

Choosing Crystals

Each type of crystal holds a unique energy or power within it. There are several crystals that are more closely tied to gardening than others. Use your intuition when selecting crystals to gift to your plants. Look for colors, shapes, and properties that remind you of, water, earth and sunshine.


Color is a powerful indicator of which crystals will be beneficial for different purposes. For gardening you’ll want crystals that are green, brown, yellow, and blue. 

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In magic, green represents growth, abundance, prosperity and fertility. This is because it is the color of life in nature. 

Brown offers a blessing of the earth, for stability and a promise of food. Darker colored are also thought to offer protection against pests.

Yellow is the color of the sun and in magic it represents success, happiness, confidence and prosperity. 

Finally, or good vibes, protection, tranquility and healing, blue—the color of water energy—is a good choice.


Crystals come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can find both raw and polished crystals and stones. Some crystal shapes are natural and some are carved and cut. Whatever your preference, there is definitely a crystal to suit your needs. 

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  • Crystals that have been smoothed or polished from their raw form.

  • Basic crystal use, grids, meditation, affirmations, altar work, feng shui, etc.


  • A crystal with a point that has formed naturally and that has not been perfected through carving.

  • Cleansing and healing work because the point draws energy to where it points


  • External appearance seems ordinary, but when they are cracked opened they reveal a hollow internal cave of sparkling crystals.

  • Protection, softening energy and assisting with healing


  • In their natural form and not smoothed, polished or altered. Can be more fragile than other formations, but appear more natural in a garden.

  • Spiritual work and healing


  • Stones with four equal, triangular sides and a square base.

  • Warding off negative vibrations, healing, removing blocks within the chakra system, affirmation and manifestation work, and amplifying crystal properties


  • The sphere is a stone that has an equal width through the center no matter which direction it is measured at. It emits energy evenly from all angles.

  • Light, energy and time pass through it with no rules or hindrances


  • Evenly carved shape where all sides are equal squares. Energy is contained and enhanced evenly.

  • Grounding energies, intentions, meditation practices, mindfulness and concentration, transmuting negative energy into positive energy


  • Heart-shaped crystals remind you that you are always surrounded by love.

  • Attracting love, nourishing and healing, emitting loving vibrations in combination with trains of stone.


The key to channeling the energy of crystals is choosing the right one for your garden’s needs. This collection of crystals have associations with plants and nature. Use these nine crystals to keep your plants healthy and strong and to enhance the natural beauty of your garden.

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They don’t call it “the gardener’s talisman” for nothing. Moss Agate is probably the most beneficial stone to use for increasing plant growth. It attracts prosperity and abundance and is also a healing stone. Moss Agate can strengthen your connection to the earth and is therefore considered a grounding stone. It brings health and vitality to plants in a powerful way.  Additionally, its presence can bless you with more balanced emotions.


In order for things to grow, they must feel safe. Use Tree Agate to enhance the stabile Earth energy and to offer a shield of protection over your garden. In your garden, Tree Agate activates the energy of growth with positivity, perseverance and fortitude, even in difficult growing conditions. Tree Agate encourages abundance and emits a calming energy so your plants will not be effected by negativity.


Green Aventurine is one of my favorite garden crystals. Use it to create a garden grids that eases the tension and stress of the environment. It absorbs negative energy and will help protect your garden from the effects of pollution. Green Aventurine brings harmony and a sense of wellbeing into any space and is a master healer.


As its name suggests, Aquamarine is strongly associated with the energies of water. If you have a pond or lake in your garden, especially one that is home to fish and other water critters, Aquamarine can be extremely beneficial. It also helps encourage the retention of water within the soil and can be used to mitigate the effects of drought.


This pale green stone belongs to the small earth spirits of the meadows and woodlands. It is calming and soothing. If a plant appears weak, the energy from Green Calcite can help it to relax and regain its strength. Known as “The Stone of Encouragement,” Green Calcite can stimulate and transform plants that were once inactive into plants that flourish and thrive.


The Stone of Happiness, Citrine brings warmth and energizing vibes into any environment. It’s known for removing toxins and can encourage happy, healthy plants. Citrine looks heavenly when it is nestled in a bed of yellow or white flowers but careful that it doesn’t receive direct sunlight, as this can cause the color to fade.


If you garden using the phases on the moon to guide you, then Moonstone is an absolute requirement nestled within your plants. As you can probably tell by the name, Moonstone is strongly associated with  the Moon. It is a symbol of fertility, healing, and restfulness that will give your plants lunar energy and celestial powers.


Clear Quartz could really be on any list of “Crystals for…”. This stone is known as “The Master Healer” because it is a great general stone to promote vitality. It also helps amplify and power up other stones and crystals. Clear Quartz crystal is a great one to start with if you aren’t sure or overwhelmed.


If your garden environment is constantly offering you challenges and obstacles, you need a stone with the energy of resistance and fortitude. Gift Rhyolite to your garden and watch your little plants persevere and flourish in even the harshest of conditions. Your garden will carry on growing in any condition as they connect with the balancing and strengthening energies that Rhyolite a offers them.

Using Garden Crystals

Adding Crystals to Your Garden is Simple. There are several ways to use crystals to improve your garden. Feel free to get creative with your crystals. You intuition will guide you with what is best. Here are some ideas:

For All Crystals 

  • Form a decorative pattern or grid around or throughout your garden.

  • Create a protective perimeter around your garden.

  • Wear them as jewelry while gardening to increase your personal energy and tune you into what your garden needs.

  • Offer them to elementals to attract them and other nature spirits to your garden.

For Green and Brown Crystals

  • Place them at the base of the plant so the roots feel the energy.

  • Bury them shallowly so they can make direct contact with the plant’s roots.

  • Put them in plant food for at least 24 hours before spreading it throughout your garden (remove crystals before spreading food).

  • Hang them as pendents from tree branches.

  • Place it in a flower pot or under a tree to protect yourself and your property from the energy of others, especially if you live in a crowded or active area.

For Blue Crystals

  • Place in or near the water to keep fish and plants healthy.

  • Display them to bring rain.

  • Store in your watering can to charge the water with healing energy.

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