Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Crystal Grids

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Let's start by making sure we're all on the same page about what this post is about.


It is a pattern, created using multiple crystals, that is designed to amplify your intention. The crystals used in the grid are not random but are carefully chosen to create a harmonic relationship between the energies, shapes and colors of each crystal. The design is often based on Sacred Geometry and the basic patterns of life.

Crystal grids can be designed and used for virtually any purpose. When the crystals are arranged properly, their energies are combined, amplified, and supported. Therefore your intention and specific needs can become focused and expands.


The universe is infinitely complex and exceedingly simple at the same time. Everything in existence is composed of energy and matter that is built on a few fundamental design elements. There are several basic shapes and patterns of life that repeat in a seemingly endless combination of circles, squares and triangles that produce spheres, cubes, tetrahedrons and other 3-D forms. These patterns can be found on scales from molecular lattices to celestial galaxies.


Of course there are times when you could just use one crystal, and a grid isn’t necessary. However, there are other times when you need more and you would want to construct a crystal grid. Grids offer a different type of energy that cannot be found in a single crystal. A grid is especially useful for when your intention needs a lot of power behind it in order to attract it to you.

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Grids use a number of standard parts that, when combined with knowledge and skill, can produce a powerful, synergistic combination of crystal energies. There are some guidelines to follow when combining and placing crystals for optimal results. Knowing which crystals to use, and where to place them on which grid pattern requires knowledge of the energies of crystals and of the universal patterns of life.

  • The Path is the map of energy flow within the grid. 
  • The Design is selected to provide an energy path that is consistent with the objectives of the grid. 
  • The Visuals include design, color, and words or pictures that enrich the aesthetic and feeling you get when you encounter the grid.
  • The Elements are the actual crystals including the Focus Stone, the Way Stones, the Spirit Stones, the Desire Stones, and the Perimeter.
  • The Wand is a tool you use to activate the Grid.

The Path

The path is pretty straightforward. This is the path that energy flows throughout the grid. A well designed grid will have a clear path for energy to follow so that it can be gathered and focused into one point.

The Design

There are many designs that are useful for building grids. Many designs are based on Sacred Geometry and utilize basic shapes and forms. You can download and print all of these designs and several others as well in the Mumbles & Things Resource Library.



Plato called the circle "the most perfect shape," for a reason. The circle symbol is universal in meaning. It is a sacred symbol that represents the infinite and the inclusiveness of the Cosmos. Angels have halos representing the divine nature of God. In Chinese symbology, the circle signifies the Heavens. There is the campfire circle. The circle is the Celtic symbol for unity and spirituality. It is the symbol of beginning - the womb, the Priestess, the Mother.

Use the circle in grid with a goal of protection or completeness and in any grid that is focused on singularity, origins, divine will, unity, inclusion, purposeful action, and new beginnings.

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This shape is called the Visica Piscis (which means "bladder fish" in Latin, in case you were wondering). This form is the second form of Sacred Geometry and one of the most ancient symbols. The overlapping circles represent the coming together of heaven and earth, the divine and the human, the night and the day, life and death, and every other overlap of opposite energies. 

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The power of this grid is found where the two circles overlap. It is equally part of both circles. Use it to bring together opposites, bridge misunderstandings, connect spirit to body, and to unite things that are divided. It is good for purposes involved with collaboration, resolving conflicts, compromise, and finding common ground. Visica Piscis is also useful for healing and making whole especially for rekindling love renewing friendship, mending hearts and reuniting families.



The Tripod of Life is the three overlapping Visica Piscis grids. This design can help us find a balance between the energy we actually have and the demands we place on ourselves. 

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The energy of this grid is concentrated in the overlapping area. This grid is used to seek balance, centering, and unity of overlapping or conflicting demands. The Tripod of Life, with it’s triangular shape, provides stability. It helps you see the need for all elements of life to be in balance. You can also use it to honor your past, enjoy our present and plan for your future by assigning a circle to each task. Or for anything else that comes in groups of three: mind, body spirit; maiden, mother, crone; self, family and friends, and work. 



The Seed of Life brings six Visica Piscis elements that all share the center circle. It can be made using eight circles (as shown) by encircling the entire design. In this way, an inner circle and an outer circle energy pattern are created. 

The Seed of Life is one of the most useful and common designs for crystal grids. It has a center point of power, a ring of unity, and a protective shield. 

Grids based on the Seed of Life bring you the energy to complete a task or goal successfully. The Seed of Life with its six-fold symmetry, hexagonal structure, and ability to promote harmony, balance, sincerity, and truth is an excellent basis for grids of all purposes.


The Visuals 

You can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your crystal grid using certain visual features. The design ideas discussed above are just one visual aspect, below are several other ideas.

  • COLOR: Use the color of the crystals to form patterns, or incorporate color in some other way to align with the purpose (flowers, images, colored text, candles, etc.).
  • VISION BOARD: Build your grid on top of your vision board, or a vision board designed for whatever the purpose of the grid serves. Use pictures of health and wellness, wealth and prosperity, happy and loving relationships, or the career or lifestyle you want.
  • AFFIRMATIONS: Write an affirmation specifically for the purpose of your crystal grid to draw the intention into the physical realm and support the efforts of the grid.

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The Elements

There are also several elements involved in the creation of a crystal grid: The focus stone, the way stones, the spirit stones, the desire stones and the perimeter.

Choose all of the crystals in your grid based on their ability to focus and amplify the energy from your spiritual source for your specific purpose. This decision will depend on the crystals color, influence, and shape.



The Focus Stone is the crystal that is found at the center of a crystal grid or where the focus of power lives. Its primary purpose is to collect the energy from the spirit realm and channel it through the grid. 

The Focus Stone draws the energy down and in. This creates a wave of energy, which the Focus Stone sends the energy down the paths to the Way Stones.



The Way Stones then further modify the energy. The Way Stones represent the intermediate points on your path to your ultimate desire. They give you the energy to take things one step at a time. In other words, they are the stones that show you the way. 

Color is a very important factor when choosing Way Stones. Generally, you will want the most well-colored stones in your collection for this task. Tumbled stones and even small rocks make excellent Way Stones. They are usually less expensive and come in all sorts of colors. 



Spirit stones are the ring or pattern of stones that are added to a grid to seek the involvement of a spirit being. This may be a particular Angel, God, Goddess, or it may be some other inhabitants of the spirit plane. You use the Spirit Stones to ask for their assistance with the intention of the grid. 

This set of stones is usually a ring of crystals between the Way Stones and the Desire Stones. Select your Spirit Stones based on the attributes and personalities of the spirit whose aid you seek.



Desire Stones represent the end state that the grid is constructed to produce. These stones gather the energy that the Focus Stone and Way Stones have focused and shaped. Then they give this source energy its final shape and tune it to the desired outcome of the crystal grid. 

Select your Desire Stones based on the specific final purpose of the grid. This means color and influence are important.




The purpose of the Perimeter is to protect the grid from unhelpful energy so that the crystals within the grid can focus and multiply the source energy with ease. Perimeters not only protect but also contain the energy within. You can use any crystals for this purpose but protection crystals are aa good place to start.



  • the Focus Stone gathers the source energy and amplifies it 
  • the Way Stones shape this energy
  • the Desire Stones manifest the energy to us
  • the Spirit Stones invite the help of a particular spirit, and gives life to our crystal grids. 
  • and the Perimeter contains the energy and protects it.

Each piece plays an important part, and the interaction of a well-constructed grid can bring you the energy and power you need to improve and enrich your lives and the lives of others.

The Wand 

A wand is used to activate the grid. Draw the direction of flow and allow your mind and your intentions to connect the energy path of the grid.

There are many different options for your wand. There are places where you can purchase one, however, it can be very magical to make your own.

  • A small twig from a tree, especially if it’s a tree with magical properties similar to the grids purpose.
  • A crystal or several attached to the end of a stick. Quartz crystal is generally used for this purpose but it can be useful to use the same crystal as the ones you are using for your Desire Stones.
  • Your own index finger.

Constructing the Grid

Now the you understand all the components of a crystal grid you can create one for your own purposes and desires. Follow these simple steps.


We’ve talked a lot of intentions before. It must be specific and clear. And it should be presented in the present tense.


The second step is to match the intention and objective of the need to the various designs of grids.


Use pictures if your desire is tangible. If it’s more abstract, use affirmations. The visuals can also include a print out of the design you chose in step two. At this step you can start thinking about a color scheme as well that harmonizes with your intention.


When deciding on the stone you want to use, start from the outside and go in. The Desire Stones are often the easiest to select because they are the most connected with your intention. Pay attention to the color as well if you chose a pallette during step three.


If you are seeking spiritual help and guidance select the Spirit Stones after selecting the Desire Stones.


The Way Stones require a more scientific approach to select because they amplify, remove obstacles and generally show you the way. Ask yourself what steps need to be completed to get from point A to point B and what challenges you may face on the way. Then choose Way Stones with energy that aligns with this or are a color attuned to the answer.


The Focus Stone collects, aligns, and focuses the source energy in order to bring its healing, life-giving properties to your grid. Choose stones with the ability to do with. Shape and size are also things to consider. Often times it’s best to select this stone based on what feels right. Try several options and it will be clear which one to use.


This of the perimeter as the walls of a castle: containing and protecting. Crystals that are known for protection are a good place to start when building the perimeter.


The location is important, especially if you want the grid to stay up for several days. Energy should flow freely in the space you choose, so under the bed or in a closet are not good choices. Consider pets and children as well when deciding on the location.


Begin laying out crystals according to the design and elements you have chosen. You may wish to align your grid with the magnetic field of the earth as if it were a compass. 


Activate the grid using your wand. Connect your intention to the energy path within the grid by tracing the path of energy flow. Close your eyes and connect to your spiritual sky boss through whatever meditation technique you prefer. Pull the energy from the universe inward and allow it to flow through the tip of the wand into the Focus Stone. Visualize it traveling to and activating the Way Stones, Spirit Stones and out to the Desire Stones. The grid is ready to assist you in your desire!


Realign yourself as someone who has already received their desire. Visualize yourself having what you want and feel the emotions associated with this. 

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