How to Clean Crystals

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When working with a crystal, it is a good idea to begin by cleaning it. The goal is to remove any energy that might hamper its vibrations. Here are a few methods to try out on your crystals and jewelry.


  • Place the crystal on a windowsill where it can be touched by moonlight.

  • Place it outside in the moonlight if it’s warm. Cold temperatures can crack crystals.

    • Note: Mark the area if you place a crystal on the ground outside so that you don’t lose it.


  • Hold the crystal in your hand and imagine all negativity being washed away by your intention.

  • Visualize a white light surrounding the stone.

  • Do this for a few minutes or until the crystal feels energetically lighter or cleaner.


  • Bury the crystal in a potted plant or place it on top of the soil.

    • Note: If your crystal can be damaged by water do not use this technique.


  • Place the crystals in a bowl and place the container outside on the ground before an oncoming storm.

  • The water and lightning hitting the ground will send out vibrations to the bowls.

  • Notes:

    • Never go out during a storm to do this, place the crystals outside BEFORE the storm arrives.

    • Before doing this make sure that the crystals will not be damaged by water and that they will not be disturbed while being outside.

    • If the storm has very strong winds, do not use this method because the winds can blow the container and rocks all over the place and damage them.


  • Light a Sage Stick, Palo Alto stick, or incense in a heat proof container

  • Hold the crystals approximately 6 to 12 inches above the source of the smoke and let it surround the crystal.

  • Do this for a few minutes or until the crystal feels energetically clean.

    • Note: Be sure to keep your hand far enough from the heat so you don’t get burned.


  • Place the stone in a bowl and cover it with sea salt.

  • Leave the crystal in the salt for at least 20 minutes and up to 2 days two.

  • Notes:

    • Make sure that your crystal is dry before doing this.

    • You can use table salt or Epsom salt, if sea salt is not available.

    • After using the salt, throw it out; do not reuse it.


  • Let cool water run over a crystal to clean it.

  • It may take as little as a few seconds to 10 minutes.

  • Notes:

    • After using this method, be sure to dry the crystal thoroughly.

    • There needs to be caution taken with this method, because many crystals can be harmed by water.


  • Bury the crystal in a bowl of rice for one to two days.

    • Note: After retrieving the stone, discard the rice and do not use it.

Other Crystals

  • Select a geode, cathedral, or cluster to use getting rid of unwanted energies in your crystal.

  • Make sure that the cluster you are using is clean itself and then place the crystal in it.

  • Leave the stone you'd like cleaned on top of the cluster for one to two days.

  • Notes:

    • The cluster must be bigger than the crystal it is cleaning.

    • Some crystals can be scratched by other crystals, use care.


  • Hold the crystal in your hand and ding a tuning fork with your other hand.

  • Slowly move the tuning fork in a counterclockwise direction around the stone until it stops vibrating.

  • Do this twice more if the crystal needs more cleaning.

    • Note: Sound can also come from musical instruments like a piano or even playing a recording of sound.


  • Hold a crystal or other type of pendulum above your crystal

  • The pendulum will rotate counter clockwise or move up and down, or left to right depending on your pendulum and how it designates “no”.

  • When it is done cleaning it will move in the opposite direction.


Crystal Cleansing Reference

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