15 Crystals for Leo Astrological Energy

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Every zodiac sign has wonderful gifts associated with it, but there are also challenges that you might face, especially if the sun is currently in the your sun sign. Stones work to encourage your gifts and help you face your challenges.

The sun is in Leo from July 22nd to August 22nd. If your sun sign is not Leo, these stones are still useful. The zodiac energy of each sign surrounds all of us based on the time of the year. The energies of Leo are at work now.

You may have seen the iconic image of a majestic lion sitting on top of a mountain with all the other animals of the kingdom down below looking up. To me, this is Leo: Leo's like attention. In fact, Leo's don't just like attention, they demand attention. 

The energy of this time of year, when the sun is in Leo, is full of courage and power, and with this comes, drama and exuberance. While the Leo energy is sometimes arrogant, it is also generous and warm.

If we think about the time of the year that the sun is in Leo, the Earth (in the northern hemisphere) is bountiful and overflowing with life. This, too, is the Leo energy: vibrant and outgoing.

  • LEO: July 22nd - August 22nd

  • ELEMENT: Fire

  • PLANET: Sun

  • SYMBOL: Lion

Crystals for Leo


Amethyst is really an all purpose stone that can be used at any time throughout the year. It is beneficial to use while the sun is in Leo because it can enhance the spirituality that this energy is often lacking.


Carnelian is really the embodiment of Leo. It is a stone of passion and physical vitality. This stone is particularly useful because of it's grounding energy as well. Leo's have the tendency to be stuck up and wound up in themselves.


Citrine is, of course, pure sunshine. Any stone that resonates with the sun will resonate with the Leo energy. It is a stone of abundance to be used during the season of abunadance.


Howlite is another stone that can enhance the spirituality energy of this season. Howlite is perhaps slightly gentler than Amethyst in this endeavor do to it's ability to calm.


Labradorite is a stone of strength and transformation. It aids the Leo to look within oneself and to become more introspective where a Leo tends to be more extroversive.


Grounding is really important while the sun is in Leo. The energy surrounding us at this time of year is very lively and sometimes chaotic. Onyx can help keep us grounded while enhances the strength of the Leo energy and encouraging your pride.


Pyrite is a stone of protection and prosperity. It resonates with the Leo energy so this is a perfect time to take it out and use it to deflect negativity from your space.


Tigers Eye is named for is resemblance to a cats eye, making it a wonderful stone to use during Leo. It is associated with the Sun, which is Leo's ruling planet. It enhances creativity, and brings balance into your life. Use the blue variety for added insight.

Bonus Crystals


Not only is Amber full of sun energy, it is also a very cleansing stone to be used for healing and protection.


Garnet brings out the exuberance of the Leo energy and helps it to continuously move forward. It is a stone of loyalty, a trait often associated with lions.


Mahogany Obsidian is another wonderful stone to use in grounding exercises while the sun is in Leo. It is a more red or brown in color, which allows for an easy association to the sun as well.


Peridot is the birthstone of any Leo who is born in August. It has a healing quality that is very useful at this time of year. Peridot is both protecting and comforting. 


Pietersite is useful to help one find their place in the world. This can be challenging while the sun is in Leo, because you may feel like you are in the spotlight and forget who you are. This stone can provide you with some insight and aid in your spiritual growth.

14. RUBY

Ruby is a sunny crystal which brings feelings of abundance. It is full of love and passion that can be delivered in a way that resonates with the energy of this season.


An obvious choice for Leo is Sunstone as it has sun right in it's name. Sunstone is a stone that encompasses all that is good in the world: joy, life, sex. It is both empowering and healing.


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