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Why do Crystals Work? and How to Program Them

Maggie Haseman

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Do Crystals Work?

One of the most common questions I hear when I talk about crystals is, “Yea, but do they really work?” To this I answer, “Yes, they absolutely do!” The follow up to this answer is that, humans are logical creatures and, as such, we need to have meaningful experiences with things on an individual level to fully believe and understand them. The seemingly complex nature of crystals makes it difficult for many people to see or feel the energy of crystals. These complexities can be summed up briefly in the following three statements:

  • When you focus your energy on something, it expands.
  • Thought and intention are like a roadmap for energy to follow.
  • Crystals work to amplify energy.

Wait, what does that mean? Read on if you want to know more about your personal power and how you can use crystals to enhance it.

Focus Your Energy

Your thoughts create your reality. This is based on one of the Seven Hermetic Principles and the base for Hermetic philosophy. You are a reflection of your surroundings and they are a reflection of you, therefore your mind is the most powerful tool you possess for directing your life down the path of your choosing. Focus your thoughts and energy only on the things you want to see happen in your life and you will see these things flourish and grow.

Energy Follows Intention

The flow of energy follows the intention of your thoughts. Learn to monitor and control your thoughts and intentions. Hold them in your mind and in your heart. This takes plenty of practice and dedication, but eventually it will come naturally, just like breathing or blinking.

Crystals Amplify

Crystals act like antennae by growing and amplifying your intentions. Your energy field (aka aura) can be impacted by the unique energy of each crystal you hold within this field. This is why it is important to have control over your thoughts: the crystal will immediately go to work acting on your thoughts and projecting this energy further than your own human energy could.


But HOW Do I Program My Crystal?

Good question! I can tell you're one smart cookie. Programming a crystal to work for your intention is as easy as holding something. If your hands can hold things you can do this.

Obtain a Crystal

First, select whichever crystal you want to use. It could be the newest one in your collection, one that you have been thinking about a lot lately, a crystal that attracts you based on appearance, or one that simply has “good vibes” when you touch it. If you need help, choose one of the seven crystals I recommend for beginners, or look at this list of Crystals for Common Conditions from Healing Crystals and choose based on your ailment. There are no rules when it comes to crystals.

Pre-Program the Crystal

Whenever you purchase or receive a new crystal, I recommend setting the intention for this crystal to work for its highest potential. I call this pre-programming. To do this, see the crystal as surrounded in a bright, white light that fills it with positive, loving energy. You only need to see this light in your mind. Be sure your thoughts and intentions are focused on positivity and love.

Think of your Intention

At this point you have chosen a crystal and set it up for success. Now, focus your thoughts on what you want. This could be literally anything. Whether you want to achieve a goal, overcome a fear or attract something into your life, focus everything you have on that.

Let the Energy Flow

Once you have something to focus on, pick up the crystal you have chosen and hold it in your hands. Feel the energy of your thoughts flow through you. Feel it pulse in and out of the crystal with your heart beat. The more energy you put into the intention, the more effective it will be. Spend as much time as you want with your intention and your crystal.

Use the Crystal

When you have finished programming this crystal with your intention you can work with it in other ways.

  • Carry it in your pocket or purse
  • Wear it as jewelry
  • Make a gem water or elixir with it
  • Place it in your work place
  • Keep it in your vehicle
  • Set it by your bed
  • Include it in a crystal grid
  • etc.

Keep in mind, it isn’t necessary to fully understand exactly how crystals work to experience their effects. If you are still struggling with whether or not they are working for you, rest assured that they are. Whether you understand it or not, they are working hard to heal you with their wonderful energy.

▹ ▹ ▹ Continue growing with and learning about your crystals and share your experiences on the Mumbles & Thing Community Facebook Group.

Have you used crystals to enhance your intentions? Tell me below in the comments.