How to Tell if your Throat Chakra is Blocked

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So What is the Throat Chakra?

The throat chakra (aka your communication chakra or vishuddha in sanskrit) is the communication center in our energy bodies. Recognized by its pale blue color it is located over your physical throat and includes the thyroid, parathyroid, neck, jaw, mouth and ears. 

Vishudda means “purification” in sanskrit. This is the chakra that allows you to express your authentic truth. This chakra aids in verbal communication, but this is a limiting view of what a balanced throat chakra is capable of. Communication involves observation and listening, and can be achieved through written word, symbolism and body language. A balanced Throat Chakra enhances your ability to listen to the world and increases your artistic expression. 

Why do I care?

It can be extremely difficult to find the right words to express your desires, needs, opinions, thoughts, or wants, especially if you are shy. When you consider the impact of tone and inflection, trying to communicate clearly so that you are not misunderstood or do not accidentally hurt someone can seem impossible.

Communication is a complex process deserving far more attention and respect than it usually receives. It requires thoughtfulness and clarity to choose the words, symbols, or actions which will accurately express the idea you want to convey without misunderstandings.

Signs Your Throat Chakra Is Underactive

  • suppressed feelings

  • fear of expression

  • fear of offending others

  • shyness/weak voice

  • poor rhythm

    • HEAL IT WITH CRYSTALS: Kyanite, Azurite, Blue Topaz


Signs Your Throat Chakra Is Overactive

  • excessive talking

  • stuttering

  • inability to listen

  • gossiping

  • loud or dominating voice

  • tendency to interrupt

    • HEAL IT WITH CRYSTALS: Turquoise, Sapphire, Aquamarine



Throat Chakra Checklist

Use this checklist to determine if your throat chakra is out of balance. If you place a check in three or more boxes from either list you could benefit from giving your throat chakra a little attention.


How you can Heal and Balance your Throat Chakra

  • Start with the Root Chakra and move up. Sometimes the imbalance is from somewhere below.

  • Meditation. There are many guided meditations available on Youtube.

  • Work with the color blue; wear it, eat it, write in it, etc.

  • Read out loud.

  • Mantras: Hum

  • Affirmation:

    • “I Speak From My Highest Truth."

    • "I Speak Authentically.”

    • "I Listen To Others When They Speak."

    • "I Listen To Others Without Judgement."

    • "I Hear The Sounds of Nature."

    • "I Communicate Clearly."

    • "I Express My Creative Nature."

    • "My Voice Is Strong and Clear."

  • Crystals: angelite, apatite, aquamarine, celestine, blue lace agate, sodalite, lapis lazuli, turquoise

  • Essential Oils: birch, lavender, oregano


The Chakra Crystals eBook includes information about using crystals to heal and balance each of the seven main energy points of the body to encourage overall health and wellbeing.


Signs Your Throat Chakra Is Balanced

  • good listener

  • communicates easily/clearly

  • lives creatively

  • speaks with confidence

  • sings well

  • good sense of timing/rhythm

  • expresses self freely

  • comfortable with body language

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