Witchcraft 101: Introduction to Magic

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As I’ve said before, and I will certainly say it again, magic works because you are magical. There are, however, certain ways to give your own power more oomph. Now, we’ll look at four basic steps you can take to help make your magic work consistently.

As with the Principles of Magic posts, this post has become much too long to be released in one blog. Therefore, we will examine each of these steps one at a time. Here are the basics.

1. Choose the Purpose for the Working

In magic it is true that you get what you ask for. Therefore it’s important to ask for what you actually want. So before you do any magic, phrase your purpose in a single, clear sentence. Get rid of ambiguous wording and mixed meaning. It can be as specific or as general as you want, just be sure you know exactly what you wish to accomplish.

2. Choose the Correspondences for the Working

Correspondences such as the four elements of magic, planets and signs of the zodiac can be used in your practice to add to your magical power. They should be treated as supplements to your own power. As you practice more you will be able to feel the subtle differences between various correspondences. Pay attention to these feelings, the more you recognize them the quicker you will learn.

3. Choose the Materials for the Working

Looking at the purpose and symbolism you’ve chosen you’ll want to choose materials. Materials allow your intent to be viewed in a physical way. Another way to think about this is bringing your intention down to earth. This can become overwhelming and complicated very quickly: there are literally thousands of materials to choose from. Your goal is to keep your working simple and convenient. Choose materials that harmonize with the purpose and symbolism you have in mind. There are plenty of resources to help you and after a while, with plenty of practice and hands-on experience you will master this process.

4. Choose the Method for the Working 

After you’ve decided your purpose or what you want to have happen, decided what symbolism and correspondences will help, and found the materials you need to bring your intentions into the physical realm, you are ready to work the magic. There are a few methods you can use to do this. This will depend on what form you magical working will take. Whether your plan to make an amulet, brew a potion, burn incense, perform a spell or ritual, or something else, you will need to learn how to combine the purpose, correspondences and materials.


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