Magical Lifestyle: Knot Magic and Crafting


Knot magic is basically using knots to bind your magic into some form a string. Watch this video and sign up for the Knot Magic Ecourse (spells inside) to learn more.


Let me remind you what magic is: it’s your focused, projected desire to the universe through conscious, symbolic or mundane action. Knot magic is a technique you can use to find this focused, meditative mindset in order to project your desire into the universe. Through repeated tying knots in string, you are literally tying your intention into that object.

There are many ways to use knot magic so it really comes down to your intention. Which is really true for pretty much anything in magic.

Knot Magic for Release

One way that I like to use knot magic is as a way to release any unhelpful or unwanted thoughts and ideas. Start by thinking about what you want to release: body issues, anger with a coworker, regret, a tie you have to an ex, or friendships that are no longer beneficial to you.

Knot Magic for Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of monitoring and becoming aware of your thoughts through being present in each moment. You can use knot magic to help you recognize the thoughts that are beneficial to you and those that are not helping you.

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Knot Magic for Manifestation

You can use knot magic for positive manifestation as well. The knot can hold onto your desires and wishes. Before you do this kind of magic make sure you are in a calm and relaxed mood. Get into a meditative state by taking several deep breaths and closing your eyes.

Stitchery Witchery

Knot magic can also includes certain crafts like knitting and crochet, cross stitch and needlepoint, embroidery and any form of sewing.

The reason this stitching magic is effective is because of the focused work. And, if you are well practiced, stitcher probably takes little effort and is likely something you highly enjoy. 

Also, this process is very meditative. Some find it soothes your nerves and creates a field of harmonious energy around you which can be utilized in manifesting. 

Learn about:

  • Cleansing and enchanting your tools

  • Using color

  • Timing your project

  • Chanting and rhymes



The Knot Magic eCourse includes:

  • Lifetime access to video lectures (and transcripts)

  • Downloadable PDF release spell

  • Downloadable PDF color magic reference page

  • Forum for discussion and sharing experiences with other students

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