Witchcraft 101: Becoming a Witch

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When it comes to magic…You KNOW you could be doing BIG things to

  • attract wealth and abundance into your life

  • enhance your love life

  • give your career a boost

  • protect yourself and your loved ones

  • safeguard your home and property

  • improve relationships with friends and family

  • see into the future

  • improve your health, and generally

  • take charge of your life!

But you have no idea what those things are, or worse… You know what you need to do, you just have no idea where to start!

The #1 thing I hear from followers is that they want a clearly defined, STEP by STEP path to witchcraft.

Basically, you want to go down a list, check off each task one by one, and watch your magic GROW as you GO!

The truth is, there is no RIGHT way to go about practicing witchcraft. Or rather, the right way, is YOUR way. So, how do you figure out what that is and get your magic on track???


Meet Witchcraft 101!


I have created this course with the newbie witch in mind. It is a synthesis of my own experiences and the experiences of other witches in my community and the integration of several external resources.

On this journey you will wander through self-discovery and analysis, theories of magical mechanics, basics of crafting a magical working, exercises in meditation and focus, tips for integrating magic into your daily life, and more.

There are a few ways you can go about this course...

If you love to read, the blogs are definitely for you. Each blog post listed below includes a worksheet or guide that is designed to help you take what you learned a bit further so you can fully understand what the text is trying to teach you.

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Once you are signed up you will receive an email for me, Maggie, with the subject line "Welcome to the Members Only Club." Within this email is the super secret password to the top secret vault of resources I have created to aid you on your journey. This includes the worksheets designed for Witchcraft 101!

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Okay, cool! That's one way to do it.

You could also just read these blog posts and not use the worksheets, if that's your jam. Totally your call if those will help you or not. I think they will, but I may be a bit biased. ;)

Below you can find link to each of the blog posts in the Witchcraft 101 series, all consolidated into one location. I did that for you! Because I want it to be oh-so-easy for you to start learning to channel your personal brand of magic. Ready?

Know Thyself

If you want to learn to be a witch you want to take control over your life, you need to start with the basics and that is means getting to know yourself and taking action to meet your goals.

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What is a Witch?

What are your interests and where is your focus? Where do you live and what materials are easily available to you? Discover what drives you as a person to get an idea of a natural way to merge magic into you daily life.

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Principles of Magic

Witchcraft is a Science, an Art, and a Spiritual Practice. The magic practiced in Witchcraft works in accordance with certain scientific principles and laws. Seven principles to be exact. 

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Introduction to Magic

As I’ve said before, and I will certainly say it again, magic works because you are magical. There are, however, certain ways to give your own power more oomph. Now, we’ll look at four basic steps you can take to help make your magic work consistently.

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  1. Magical Purpose — Read More →

  2. Magical Correspondences — Read More →

  3. Magical Materials — Read More →

  4. Magical Methods — Read More →

Learning to Focus

The ability to focus and visualize will greatly increase the power of your magic. Learn to be calm. Learn to pull strength from within yourself. Learn to be still.

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Self Dedication

A dedication ceremony is a ritual in which you dedicate yourself to witchcraft. It means that you are ready to devote yourself fully to the Craft whatever that means to you. This ritual should be yours and yours alone.

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Solitary Witchcraft

There are many self-initiated witches. Solitary witchcraft is a valid, if challenging, path to take when entering the world of magic. You will need to do a lot of self-discovery. Here are a few tips for those who have decided to go alone.

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Magical Lifestyle

Empower yourself to live a magical lifestyle. You—and only you—have control over the things that happen in your life. Think about your own daily mundane activities. Is there a way you can make it magical?

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Mumbles Academy

Finally, if you are more of an auditory learner and prefer to listen to information instead of reading it, you may want to check out the Mumbles Academy. There you can register for your very own account and access Witchcraft 101. This is the exact same content seen here on the blog only it's in video form (Worksheets included).

It's kind of a choose your own adventure type of situation. The exception being that you end up in the same place no mater what you choose!


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