The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Witchery


Food is essential. Some people take great delight in cooking and preparing meals while others find the activity to be a necessary chore. 

But when does cooking become more than just cooking?

When you stir in a little magic and whip up something enchanting. Many of the basic ingredients you use to make your meals every day also have magical attributes.

What makes the difference between just throwing a few things together in a pot and creating magic?

Intent and focus, of course! 

Whether you are still a secret witch or simply don't have time for elaborate rituals, kitchen witchery is an easy way to integrate magic into your daily life. Herbs and other mundane ingredients can be used to witchify your next meal!

Your Kitchen Altar

If you plan to use kitchen witchery as your primary mode of witchcrafting, you may want to begin thinking of your kitchen as a sacred space. This of course will depend on your living situation and personal practice.

Take a moment to think about your kitchen. It's probably often overlooked and under appreciated but some truly magical thing happen in this room.

The gifts of the Earth are transformed and combined into creations that nourish and benefit your body. That's pretty neat!

While you probably can't treat your kitchen as an altar all the time, there are a few things you can do to transform this room into a sacred space.

Address Energetic Imbalances

Just like any other space, the kitchen can sometimes collect unwanted energies, especially if it doesn't get much sunlight. All those cabinets and crevices between appliances don't help matters. And if you live in a rental there could be years of energetic build up hanging around in your kitchen.

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Eventually you'll have to scrub the kitchen top to bottom, but if you don't have time before your next meal and want to start something magical, there are some temporary energetic cleansing methods.

  • Declutter: Straighten and/or put away anything on visible surfaces. Remove any visual chaos.

  • Sweep: Use a broom to sweep crumbs, dust and stagnant energy out of the room. You may wish to have a dedicated broom for your kitchen, but this isn't necessary.

  • Smoke Cleansing: Burn sage, lavender or rosemary, or a combination of these purifying herbs. Palo Santo is another option.

  • Open Windows: Allow energy a way to escape.

You'll also need to get into the habit of starting your magical cooking with a clean kitchen. This means wash all dishes and counters before you start cooking the next meal. Give your magical a "clean slate."

Give your kitchen a detail-oriented deep clean at least once a year. This is extremely beneficial and also sanitary.

Clean inside and outside of your refrigerator, freezer, cupboards, microwave and any other frequently use appliances. Your oven, too. Clean under and behind anything that can be moved. Clean any furniture windows, walls, backsplash etc. Once you've finished, give the floor a good mopping, and allow it to dry completely.

You don't need to do all of this at once. You can do it in stages. But, try to get everything done within a week so everything is clean together.

I like to schedule this during the week of Imbolc. This kicks off a season of spring cleaning for me.

I've already talked about magical cleaning, which you will want to read as well. As a general rule, show your respect for the Earth by using all-natural cleaners and reusable cloths.

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Magical Kitchen Decorations

Due to all the mundane activities that occur in the kitchen, yours probably can't be 100% magical. Create a mini-altar inside your kitchen to create a focal point for the specifically magical aspects of life in the kitchen. This could be on a visible surface or in a dedicated cabinet.

Include representations of the divine (whatever that means to you), candles, statues, paintings. You may wish to keep a cauldron here and any other tools you have for your practice. Add some symbols or runes to represent qualities you wish to attract as well. 

Incorporate crystals as well, based on your intention.

  • Amethyst for stress-relief and transitioning from mundane to magical

  • Red Jasper for self confidence and boosting energy

  • Citrine for positivity and abundance

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Potted plants are a wonderful addition to a kitchen altar if you have space, especially edible plants and herbs. Many plants are not only decorative but provide a magical aura. (Pssst... you can add jade, moss agate or other green stones to the top of the soil of your potted plants to enhance their well being)

  • Basil for protection and prosperity

  • Rosemary is all purpose

  • Aloe Vera for love, success and health

  • Cacti for protection

  • Ferns are thought to attract faeries

  • Spider Plants don't need much sunlight

Your kitchen is a living, ever changing symbol of bounty and abundance. Be sure to treat it this way to help you maintain positive and harmonious vibrations. If you prefer not to have an altar or there is no space try some other options:

  • hang charms for protection or good luck

  • burn incense a candle or diffuse essential oils

  • keep the space visually tidy

  • arrange dried herbs in attractive jars

  • keep non-refrigerated produce in hanging baskets or bowls


The great things about kitchen witchcraft is that if you have a kitchen it's probably already equipped with everything you need to create something magical. The tools you'll use for preparation, cooking and transformation of food should be treated just like any other magical tool you possess (besom, cauldron, wand, etc.) Onto a list of tools I think you'll need:

Dishes, Cookware and Other Containers

These are things you'll need to contain the food. It could be where you store an ingredient during preparation after chopping it and before cooking it. It could be the thing you use to serve the prepared food. It could be what you use to measure the proportions of ingredients.

Generally, plastic and aluminum are not ideal for use in kitchen magic. If you have the means to be choosy, pick something wood, ceramic or glass. For pots and pans opt for cast iron, enameled metal or stainless steel.

The Oven

This is where the food transformation happens! This probably came with your home. It can be heated with gas or electricity. Try to avoid microwaves for magical cooking.

The Cauldron

Your portable oven. The idea of a witch often conjures images of a cauldron over a fire.

I use my cauldron for spells where I need to burn something or mix things together. But for cooking, I'll use the modern version of a traditional cauldron, my stockpot. It's much more efficient and far less likely to burn down my home. 

Mortar and Pestle

This tool is used to grind herbs and nuts. You place your ingredients in the mortar and rub the pestle along the surface of the mortar—which has ribs on it—to crush and grind the herbs or nuts. It's totally okay to use a blender or electric grinder for this, or to buy your herbs pre-ground. If you want the full experience though, using a mortar and pestle can be fun. 


This is the place you keep your magical herbs whether it's a designated room off the kitchen or just a couple of cabinets. It's okay to mix them in with all the other culinary goods (salt, canned and jarred food, dry pasta, sugar, flour, vinegar, oil etc.) you have around. Protect the places you store your food in some way.

Cooking and Eating Utensils

These are the things you cook and eat with: knives, spoons and ladles, forks, spatulas, whisks, etc. Hopefully, you are familiar with these.

Steps for Food Magic

  1. Set your purpose or intention before preparing each meal. For bigger changes you may need more than one meal.

  2. Select foods and ingredients that are suitable for your intention.

  3. Choose foods that you enjoy. Just because something has the magical association you are looking for doesn't mean you should force yourself to eat something you dislike.

  4. Choose foods that contribute to a healthy diet. Don't let magic lead you toward an unbalanced diet of junk food. Self care, folks!

  5. Visualize your intention. As you are prepare the ingredients by chopping, peeling, and heating, visualize yourself in the life where your intention has manifested.

  6. Eat with intention. Continue visualizing your life where your intention has manifested. Visualize the energy of the food transforming within you into your magical purpose.

  7. Give it time. Magic manifests gradually and naturally. Your magical purpose will likely not transform overnight.

Tips for Magical Cooking

  • Make sure you're in a positive mood when working your culinary, magic. You are, after all, the most important player when it comes to the vibrational energy of the meal.

  • Meditate, cleanse yourself, listen to music or perform another self care ritual before you begin cooking.

  • Be sure your intention is clear while you work in the kitchen so that your food is imbued with the magical essence you look to create.

  • Share your magical intention for the food with anyone who is sharing the meal with you. Be prepared to only charge your portion if they are not interested in magical food.

  • Incorporate kitchen witchery into your practice most easily at the Sabbats. If you are already celebrating with a special meal or potluck with friends, try making something magical and seasonal.

  • Remember that it's not always necessary to look it up. Spicy food is generally protective, citrusy food is generally purifying, sweet food is generally loving. Do what feels right to you.

  • Consider starting a magical food diet that fuels your intention with foods that have similar energies. Check with a doctor or nutritionist before making drastic changes to your diet.

Cooking and magic have a lot in common. Both create something new by combining specific ingredients and both are meant to improve the overall well-being of the creator. Best of all—no matter how long you've been practicing each—there's always more to learn: new tricks, techniques and combinations.

Give yourself time to practice and experiment, and learn from your successes and mistakes.

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