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Modern Magick Mastery

I have no special supernatural powers as far as I’m aware. I just started practising EARLIER than most people, so that’s how I know more and can do more. Nothing I do, know or have right now is unattainable! So, let me show you how I did it.

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Witchcraft 101: Becoming a Witch

When it comes to magic…You KNOW you could be doing BIG things, but you have no idea what those things are, or worse… you just have no idea where to start! The #1 thing I hear from followers is that they want a clearly defined, STEP by STEP path to witchcraft. Meet Witchcraft 101!

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Dear New Witches: It Will All Make Sense Later

The best thing about a long witchcraft practice is that you will look back in a few years and notice how it all makes sense in hindsight. Siobhan Johnson joins us this week to share her journey and insight about witchcraft and living a magical life.

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