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Witchcraft 101: Becoming a Witch

When it comes to magic…You KNOW you could be doing BIG things, but you have no idea what those things are, or worse… you just have no idea where to start! The #1 thing I hear from followers is that they want a clearly defined, STEP by STEP path to witchcraft. Meet Witchcraft 101!

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Witchcraft 101: What is a Witch? and What Kind are You?

What are your interests and where is your focus? Where do you live and what materials are easily available to you? Discover what drives you as a person to get an idea of a natural way to merge magic into you daily life.

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Witchcraft 101: How to Get to Know Yourself and Your Goals

If you want to learn to be a witch you want to take control over your life, you need to start with the basics and that is means getting to know yourself and taking action to meet your goals.

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