Embrace the Slow Pace of Taurus Season


The Sun visits a new zodiac sign every thirty days or so. During each “season” we all feels the influence of the current astrological energy. It's Taurus season, which is significant because it represents the first move the Sun makes after the astrological new year.

When the Sun moves into Aries it begins a new year or a new cycle, and as it moves out of Aries and into Taurus, we begin to see how things are moving, and what energy this new cycle may bring for us.

While the sun is traveling through the sign of Taurus each year (starting around April 21st and ending around May 20th), you might want to remind yourself that slow and steady wins the race. While this energy does encourage us to slow down, don’t mistake the slow pace for passivity. It’s a good time to simplify your work into easy steps and take action each day. And don’t be afraid to charge like a bull, should a worthy goal arise.

Taurus is the Earth

Taurus asks you to reflect on the material and earthly possessions. It is the first of the zodiac’s three grounded earth signs and part of the stabilizing “fixed” quality. You should use this energy for seeking security, simplifying your work, and making smarter financial decisions. If you are looking for a good time to do some money manifestation, that time is now.

Remembering the fast and furious, aggressive, me-first energy of Aries, Taurus shifts the focus onto building. You had great ideas and now you need to assess their worth. While the Sun is in Taurus you can catch your breath after the exhilarating / exhausting Aries season. Make time and space for productivity, and focus on what matters.

Think of Aries as the seed or the beginning of each new idea. Taurus is the physical surrounding of that seed. It is the material and physical environment that helps or hinders the seed’s ability to grow. Slow down, roll up your sleeves, and craft a sustainability plan for the ideas that are worth pursuing.

The symbol of the bull represents the Taurean qualities of hard work and patient assessment. Pay attention to which projects you are working on. Ask yourself if they are worth the investment of your time and resources. Your energy is valuable, and Taurus energy is all about conserving resources. It can be sensual and elegant or overindulgent and lazy. Be aware of this paradox as you move through this season.

This is also the time to face and release any limiting beliefs that aren’t aligned with your fresh start. Working on releasing any money blocks is also key.

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Taurus is Sensuality

As the zodiac’s second sign, Taurus is the persistent provider who also loves the creature comforts of life.

Taurus’s planetary ruler, Venus, asks you to reflect on your inner loveliness and self worth. She rules of all forms of art and love and beauty and is eager for you to start this new cycle fresh, and to find clarity around your values, your sensuality, personal finances, and self-esteem. Look for the opportunity to push your boundaries into new ways of building esteem and ownership, but be gentle with yourself in this process.

In Taurus, the Sun places emphasis on your senses. Welcome a slower, more pleasure oriented pace, and embrace your senses through feeling, tasting, touching, hearing, and speaking your truth, your values, and all that shapes your self-worth. If you feel lost in your ability to own your self-worth, you will have a hard time owning anything else.

Invite this season to help you see your personal value—not just recognize it, but know it. From this place, you can see how taking care of your possessions reflects how you take care of yourself. As a result, your possessions will grow as you care for yourself and care for what you own, with more pleasure and tenderness.

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Taurus is Structure

On a deeper level, Taurus energy represents what you need in order to feel safe and secure. It is about finding the rhythm of your life and your normal state. The world is in constant flux and Taurus helps you find security and structure.

Embrace a mindset of wanting order and routine through creating order and routine in your life. Begin to assess what you surround yourself with, where you are over-consuming, and whether you are filling a void instead of facing your emotions.

Pay attention to your physical surroundings and make sure that they are helping you to reach your goals and are supporting your desired life. When you look around your home, office, or other spaces where you spend your time, what do you see?

  • Does your environment inspire confidence, beauty, gratitude, and stability?

  • Or are you overwhelmed with clutter, distractions, and objects that trigger feelings of guilt, pain, or sorrow?

Repeat this assessment, but this time looking within yourself…

  • Are you nurturing your body with water and healthy food?

  • Do you feel worthy of love and care?

  • Do you feel connected to your body and your senses?

It is worth asking these questions and investigating at this time because Taurus energy can help you establish a new routine or healthy eating plan. It can help you feel grounded in your self and the physical world and it can help you create structure in your physical environment.


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Are you worthy?

Of course you are. You are worthy of everything you’ve ever wanted, and everything you will ever want. But it doesn’t matter what I think. You have to think it too.

No one can give you a sense of self-worth. It is based on how your value yourself. It is literally the way you appraise yourself. If you don’t feel worthy—of love, money, power, success, etc.—it is because of your own judgement of these things.

Self appraisal can only be done by you, no one else can tell you that you are worthwhile or that you are worth something. Others can tell you that you have done a good job, or that they envy you for a particular character trait, physical quality, or possession, or that they think you are a great person. But none of that applies to your own self-worth because self-worth comes from you.

It may be a hard pill to swallow, but it’s true. And do you know what? It makes you so much more powerful. The fact that you get to decide what you are worthy of, means that there is no limit to what you create in your life. You just have to step up and give yourself a favorable rating in your own esteem.

Now this doesn’t happen in a day, especially if you have been giving yourself a low rating for a long time. It will take some time and effort to build up the value of yourself in your eyes. You won’t automatically feel worthy simply because you decided too. But deciding you are worthy of your heart’s desires is the first step toward believing it.

Earn your high level of self-worth by observing and recording those things you value. Whenever you see these things in yourself, write them down in the form of an affirmation and place these notes somewhere you can see them to remind you of these valuable assets.

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  • “I have beautiful eyes.”

  • “I care about my family.”

  • “I am good at my job.”

Give yourself every opportunity to learn how valuable and worthy you are. Treat yourself with kindness and gentleness. Treat others with kindness and gentleness. Treat your physical possessions with kindness and gentleness. Through acting compassionately you may just fall in love with yourself.


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