Integrate Your Dual Mind in Gemini Season


The Sun visits a new zodiac sign every thirty days or so. During each “season” we all feels the influence of the current astrological energy. Gemini season begins around May 21st and last until June 20th. During this time each year, we all experience this mutable energy. Allow it to enhance and influence your magic.

Gemini’s Domain

Gemini rules over our your thoughts, mind, creativity, and ability to express yourself. Because of this, you may feel pulled to write down your thoughts and feelings in order to better understand your inner truth.

In your mind, your thoughts become jumbled and confusing. It’s hard to really examine how you feel about a certain situation or what thoughts are hiding beneath the surface. Journaling and writing are how you dig deeper and uncover truths you’ve been hiding from the world and yourself.

This is an opportunity to connect with your authentic voice so that you better know when it’s appropriate to speak up and when you really ought to step back. When you become aware of your voice you can make decisions about how you will act. Do you need to gather more information? Be more understanding? Let things go?

The prevailing energy is that of “knowing” things. Facts are important as well as the ability to gather and understand facts from many different perspectives. This involves communicating effectively and knowing what to say in order to get the information. 

But it’s beyond just knowing the facts, it’s knowing how you feel about the facts you know. Through understanding the facts and what they mean on an emotional level, you can share the story with others. A low vibe projection of this is gossip or manipulation, so be careful not to fall into the temptation to talk about people with unhelpful intentions.

The Twins

Gemini is symbolized by the twins, specifically Castor and Pollux. They are twin half-brother who share a mother, Leda, but had different fathers. Castor was the mortal son of Tyndareus, the king of Sparta, while Pollux was the divine son of Zeus. Because one is a mortal and the other is a half-god, they are often cited as representing the dual nature of humans: the lower self and the higher self; the physical body and the divine mind.

By balancing the intelligence of both aspects of yourself, you get a fuller, richer picture of where you stand and which path you should walk. The divine intelligence comes from your heart and tells you about love and forgiveness. The physical intelligence is more focused on protection, setting boundaries and taking action based on your physical wellbeing.

Think about where you can bring more heart or intuitive based thinking into your life while keeping the facts in mind. Balance these states in order to allow the natural rhythm of Gemini season to flow through you.

While many people believe the twins represent being two-faced, that is a low vibe projection of this energy. The true gift of Gemini is the ability to put yourself in another person’s shoes and experience true empathy.

During Gemini season, you may find yourself playing both the speaker and listener role in your own mind. This helps you fully understand the whole picture of what is true.

Spend some time reflecting on a situation you are currently struggling with in your life. Tell the story as if you are talking to a friend and notice how much clearer your situation becomes through truthfully sharing and openly listening to yourself.

Feel free to use a deck of Tarot or oracle cards, runes, or another open-ended, visual, intuitive trigger to help you. These tools help you access your intuition or your higher self.


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Every zodiac sign has a planetary ruler, for Gemini that ruler is Mercury. Mercury’s domain is the mind, mental processes, thinking and thoughts, technology, and communication. The energy of Mercury is also strong during Gemini season. 

When Mercury is strong, all of the things it rules over are strong, so feel free to use this energy in whatever way feels right for you and your life right now.

Air Sign

Gemini is one of three Air signs in the zodiac, therefore this energy is concerned with thoughts, feelings, facts and figures, and the truth. Through laying out the data clearly and simple, one can get to the bottom of things.

This often means that information gets concentrated in the mind where it becomes foggy, which leads to overthinking. Remember this and remain mindful of your actions so that you don’t lose you head in the clouds. Ground yourself and pull yourself back to the present moment.

The gift of Gemini is learning to go with the flow and trusting that things happen in their own time and in their own way. There is no need to force things to happen through rushing, researching or plotting, even if you feel tempted to do so.

The Body

Each sign has specific body parts that are associated with it, Gemini body parts include the lungs, hands, and arms. Focusing on these body parts throughout the season is a really helpful way to connect with the energy of the sign.

Obviously you lungs are designed for breathing, this also incorporates the element of Air. Taking a minute or two each day to focus on your breath is super effective. It clears you mind of any confusing thoughts, and it helps you relax into the flow of life. 

Journaling and writing your thoughts down are very Gemini activities and these require the use of your hands and arms whether through typing or physical writing with pen and paper. Do an automatic writing exercise and just let that creative energy flow to help you communicate your thoughts and feelings.

The Number Three

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac. Numbers have powerful symbolism and three is the number of creativity, communication and collaboration. The Gemini season is a great opportunity to attract inspiration into your life and enhance your creative, artistic, and communication skills.

During Gemini season it’s a good idea to incorporate the number three into your spellwork. Try lighting three candles, chanting your spell three times, using three drops of essential oils, lighting three sticks of incense, or incense of three different herbs, perform an action (like circling your altar, stirring, bowing, etc.) three times, placing three objects on your altar, casting the spell three time on three consecutive days, casting your spell at 3:00 am or pm and/or on the third day of the week (Wednesday), writing a spell with three verses, or anything else you can think of!

Your Next Steps…

Gemini Season is a time where you can think freely and with openness and expansion. This is a time where you can communicate both your thoughts and your feelings with a sense of confidence and ease.


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