Overcoming the Opinions of Nay-Sayers


You’re in the right place if you…

  • want to learn how to overcome the opinions of the party poopers, naysayers, grumpy guses, debbie downers, and negative nancys in your life.


We all have those types of people in our life. The one’s who refuse to support you in your BIG dreams and your methods.

Because you have a dream and it is so beautiful. I know  it is because you are beautiful, so how could it be anything but. And I know you are inspired to achieve it, even though they seem unachievable. And that feeling of inspiration is so good. The path you are on feels right and, maybe for the first time in your life, you feel aligned with your true purpose.

It’s an exciting position to be in and in your excitement, you decide to share your dream with your friends and your family, and…


They inject THEIR doubts into YOUR life.

It’s so deflating when this happens. The inspiration flies away. The people who are supposed to support you are being so unsupportive. You begin second guessing your instincts and wondering what you were thinking in the first place. You feel disconnected from your higher self and further from your purpose than ever.

Does this sound familiar?

I’d imagine anyone reading this has had this happen at least once in their life, it’s happened to me, too. Even the most supportive, encouraging, loving family and friends have their moments of doubt.

We each deal with our own limiting beliefs, and adding the limiting beliefs of others can make our dreams feel impossible. You probably wonder, “How can I keep on believing, manifesting, witchcrafting, magicking, energy manipulating, whatever-ing, when my loved ones don’t get me?” or, “How can I keep my inspiration when I don’t feel supported?”

Perhaps the worst thought is, “What if they’re right, and I’m wrong?”

That’s what we’re going to talk about in this post. How to stay in alignment and focused on your dreams even when people doubt you. How to keep your manifesting momentum up in the presence of loving naysayers.

Notice I said, “loving”. We’re not talking about the people who mean you harm, or careless strangers and acquaintances here. We already talked about them in the self care post. The solution to those types of people is to limit your time with them and protect your energy.

But for the people who love you and who you love too, you probably don’t want to cut them out of your life. Here are eight tips for dealing with the party-pooping loved ones in your life:

1. See the love, feel the love, share the love

Remember that your naysayers are people who love you. Who knows what their motivation is behind their naysaying. Maybe they want to protect you, or are operating from a place of fear, and projecting it onto you and your dreams. But make sure you hold the love you have for them and their good intentions.

You get to choose whether you take on their attitude. And you get to choose to love yourself and your dreams more.

2. Love yourself above and in spite of anything else

As you create your reality, you will make mistakes. Your ego will judge you, and the comments of naysayers will come forward. Move away from the fear of messing up, and making those party poopers right about you.

Be gentle with yourself and remind yourself that the mistakes are experiences to learn from.

3. Be discerning about when you share your dreams

There are mixed beliefs around when and if you should share your dreams with the world. Some say that telling the world about your intention holds you accountable. Others say it opens the doors for naysayers to infiltrate your mind and step you off course.

This is a personal choice to make based on past experience and the type of dream it is. I have found certain dreams need some internal marinating and others need to be shouted from the rooftops.

I think it also depends on your level of confidence in your own manifesting abilities. If you are not confident in yourself it is even harder to hold off the opinions of others. Especially, if you are easily influenced by external input.

4. Be empowered

It’s your responsibility to choose your focus. When the inevitable party pooping opinion enters your thought realm, be empowered to hold your convictions. What are you going to allow to be your truth? Are you going to let someone else determine your truth?

5. Don’t take it personally

What someone thinks or says about you is a projection of their own reality and has nothing to do with you. Everyone lives in their own reality, in their own mind. They are in a completely different world from the one you live in. People who haven’t entered this world of magick simply don’t understand. When you take something personally, you make the assumption that they know what is in your world, and you try to impose your world onto theirs.

6. Generate a sense of separation 

As your loved ones, you can’t separate from them and I doubt you’d want to. But, you can separate your belief from their disbelief and recognize this contrast.

Look at their naysayer-y as a blessing rather than a challenge. The party pooper is a tangible representation of what you don’t want. They can strengthen your vision and keep you focused on what you do want.

Use their unhelpful opinions or hostility as a bouncing off point to raise your own vibration. Thank them and send them love.

7. Rise above it

Whenever you criticize someone else, you take on that unhelpful low vibe energy. So, when someone else criticizes you, it makes sense that they would be taking that unhelpful energy away from you. When you receive criticism, let this lift your own vibration by choosing love over fear.

Raise your vibration above their comments and their beliefs about you and don’t spend any more energy thinking about it.

8.  Release the need to convince

A confident witch can allow party poopers in their not allowing of you.

Essentially, choose to allow those party poopers to think, feel, emote, believe, etc. what they want. Even when they disagree with you or don’t support you. Learn to say, “What you think of me is none of my business,” to the naysayers. It’s not your job to explain it to them. And it’s not your business to hear their thoughts about you.

Release the need to convince or persuade them and simply let their thoughts be.


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Describe an encounter you have had with a loving naysayer. How did you react? How could you react in the future? What are some strategies for keeping your belief and inspiration in the face of unsupportive comments? Are there specific dreams you like to share and some you like to keep private? Why?