Understanding Astrology: What is a Moon sign?

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In astrology, the position of the Moon in your horoscope is second only in importance to the position of the Sun. The Sun sign is the part of you that is most apparent on the surface; it is what others see. The Moon sign is the part of you that you see. 

Where the Sun represents your will, the Moon represents your instinctive reactions. The Moon stands for emotions, instincts, the unconscious and represents the side of you that reacts before you have time to think. 

Your Moon personality is, in many ways, the one you keep hidden. Instinctive behavior tends to be disapproved of and called uncivilized, primitive, or animalistic. Because of this you may regard your Moon personality as a part of yourself that you find disturbing. It is your inner core, where hate, jealousy and fear live. This is where the fantasies that you often deny even to yourself hide. 

Just as the moon is sometimes dark and sometimes illuminated the Moon's influence on your personality is both positive and negative. Your Moon side is spontaneous feelings and expressions of joy and pleasure. It is the part of you that reacts to emotional stimuli and enjoys the little sensualities of life — the perfumed aroma of flowers, the smell of the grass after it rains, the delight of a long, hot shower.

The Moon has rulership over the five senses—sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch—and is therefore linked to how you react to your environment. 

Furthermore, the Moon symbolizes infancy, childhood, your dreams, memory, and your past—your inner psyche. You may find that is your Moon personality that is expressed in your dreams (both daydreams and sleeping dreams). 

The Moon holds dominion over the emotional sphere. Because of this it influences your receptivity to others and also how others feel about you. The Moon is, therefore, an extremely important factor in love relationships. Obviously.

An understanding of your own moon sign will provide you with an added degree of self knowledge, a deeper insight into the stranger that is yourself.

Verb for your Moon Sign: "I Feel"

This verb is modified by the zodiac sign the moon was in at the moment of your birth. Choose one of the keywords below to describe the verb "I feel."

♈️ Aries Moon 🌙

You need independence, challenges, action, originality, and to be “first.” You want to feel alive and turned on, but you can also be demanding of attention! You crave a challenge but also to be babied and attended to at times.

A Moon in Aries modifies your Sun sign in this way: 

  • THE BRIGHT SIDE: You are more energetic, enterprising, optimistic, open to change, idealistic.

  • THE DARK SIDE: You are more impulsive, opinionated, domineering, impatient, vain.

♉️ Taurus Moon 🌙

You need stability, material comforts, affection, beauty, and to feel that you’re building something lasting. You want a return on your emotional investment but can be a little too security-obsessed.

A Moon in Taurus modifies your Sun sign in this way: 

  • THE BRIGHT SIDE: You are more trustworthy, determined, warm, affectionate, artistic.

  • THE DARK SIDEL You are more obstinate, possessive, rigid, overcautious, a slave to routine.

♊️ Gemini Moon 🌙

You need constant communication, new ideas, and stimulating dialogue. You are drawn to kindred spirits, a “meeting of the minds” and someone who can mirror or reflect things back to you.

A Moon in Gemini modifies your Sun sign in this way: 

  • THE BRIGHT SIDE: You are more versatile, witty, charming, lively, amusing.

  • THE DARK SIDE: You are more disorganized, inconsistent, superficial, cunning, manipulative.

♋️ Cancer Moon 🌙

You need nurturing, safety, family, and creature comforts (good food, nesting, cozy clothes). You can be fearful of abandonment and require lots of reassurance. 

A Moon in Cancer modifies your Sun sign in this way: 

  • THE BRIGHT SIDE: You are more imaginative, sympathetic, protective, tenacious, loyal.

  • THE DARK SIDE: You are more possessive, moody, critical, self-pitying, a nag.

♌️ Leo Moon 🌙

You need attention, glamour, affection, non-stop entertainment and playfulness. You want excitement and a conquest, and someone to celebrate life with you. You have a strong sense of leadership that needs to be expressed.

A Moon in Leo modifies your Sun sign in this way: 

  • THE BRIGHT SIDE: You are more exuberant, creative, broad-minded, colorful, fun-loving.

  • THE DARK SIDE: You are more self-indulgent, self-centered, conceited, overbearing, bullying.

♍️ Virgo Moon 🌙

You need order, to feel helpful and of service, and mental stimulation. You like to problem-solve and analyze, but can be anxious or worrisome.

A Moon in Virgo modifies your Sun sign in this way: 

  • THE BRIGHT SIDE: You are more intellectual, meticulous, industrious, steadfast, responsible.

  • THE DARK SIDE: You are more critical, high-strung, standoffish, argumentative, hypochondriac.

♎️ Libra Moon 🌙

You need harmony, beauty, companionship, equality. You hate conflict and crave a peaceful and aesthetically pleasing environment, tasteful clothing, fine art, and a strong sense of justice. 

A Moon in Libra modifies your Sun sign in this way: 

  • THE BRIGHT SIDE: You are more adaptable, creative charming, goo d-natured, diplomatic.

  • THE DARK SIDE: You are more indecisive, self-indulgent dependent frivolous, changeable.

♏️ Scorpio Moon 🌙

You need privacy, intensity, soul bonding, strong sexual chemistry or to feel like part of a “power duo.” You have a hard time trusting and opening up—the person who wins a Scorpio moon’s confidence will be rewarded with eternal loyalty. 

A Moon in Scorpio modifies your Sun sign in this way: 

  • THE BRIGHT SIDE: You are more imaginative, determined, ambitious, emotional, idealistic.

  • THE DARK SIDE: You are more obstinate, secretive, jealous, resentful, domineering.

♐️ Sagittarius Moon 🌙

You need adventure, conquests, wisdom, and variety. You are attracted to sophisticated and open-minded people. You love to travel, have new experiences, and meet people of all walks. Life should feel like a constant carnival and celebration—you bore easily. 

A Moon in Sagittarius modifies your Sun sign in this way: 

  • THE BRIGHT SIDE: You are more adventurous, optimistic, exuberant, open -minded, sincere.

  • THE DARK SIDE: You are more restless, extravagant, irresponsible careless, uncommitted.

♑️ Capricorn Moon 🌙

You need a long-term legacy and to feel like you’re creating something that will last for generations. Power is a turn-on, and you need someone with firm boundaries and ambition. You crave solitude and time to recharge—you can be depressive or melancholy at times. You can be emotionally distant and not very nurturing. 

A Moon in Capricorn modifies your Sun sign in this way: 

  • THE BRIGHT SIDE: You are more determined, responsible, disciplined, patient, committed.

  • THE DARK SIDE: You are more rigid, pessimistic, opinionated, materialistic, overexacting.

♒️ Aquarius Moon 🌙

You need friendship, collaboration, and a common cause—but your rebellious side also craves a strong sense of individuality and subverting the powers that be. You can lapse into people pleasing at times. Settling down is hard for you—and even when you do, you need a lot of freedom and autonomy! 

A Moon in Aquarius modifies your Sun sign in this way: 

  • THE BRIGHT SIDE: You are more idealistic, creative, tolerant, a humanitarian with a progressive outlook.

  • THE DARK SIDE: You are more unpredictable, contrary, aloof, fixed in opinion, tactless.

♓️ Pisces Moon 🌙

You need fantasy, compassion, escape, creative outlets, and security. You're dreamy and can be extremely hard to pin down and understand—you’re not even sure how to explain or navigate your own depths. You may be a powerful healer and are drawn to artistic, sensual and spiritual pursuits.

A Moon in Pisces modifies your Sun sign in this way: 

  • THE BRIGHT SIDE: You are more compassionate, sensitive, loving, creative, loyal.

  • THE DARK SIDE: You are more indecisive, discontented, vague, secretive, easily confused.

A Note About Moon Signs

If you read the descriptor above and thought “That doesn't fit me at all!” Keep in mind, the Moon sign is only one piece of your character. The Sun and each of the planets also influence you in a variety of ways. With the added environmental and genetic factors, it would be impossible to define the essential you-ness of you by only one factor.

You are a unique combination, unlike anyone else.


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