Thoughtforms: The Building Blocks of Your Reality

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You’re in the right place if you…

  • want to learn how your thoughts influence your reality.

  • want to understand how other people’s beliefs effect your beliefs.

  • want to see the connection between what you believe and what society tells you to believe.

  • want to attract thoughts that bring you joy to create a joyful reality.


One of the hardest parts of working with the Law of Attraction is changing your thought and behavioral patterns. And it get even more challenging the older you get.

Every time you repeat a certain thought or behavior you re-establish it. Scientists who study the brain have found that repeated thought patterns actually wear deep grooves in neural pathways, so that it is easier for this thought to travel through the mind. So, when you have thoughts and beliefs that form in your childhood, you have created a life-long experience based in that specific belief.

Introducing new beliefs is equally challenging, especially when they conflict with long established patterns. Don’t be discouraged because it is possible to create new neural pathways and let the old paths fade away. It is possible to change your thoughts in order to attract the circumstances you want into your life.

To do this, it’s important to learn how to be conscious of your own thoughts, as well as the thoughts of others, and how these effect your worldview. Based on what we know about the Law of Attraction and the Hermetic principles, as well as certain scientific wisdom, we know that thoughts are vibrational energy.

They are invisible but they take form when you focus on them. This is where the term “thoughtform” comes from, likely originating in ancient Tibetan mysticism, but found in countless spiritual, psychological and philosophical traditions as well.

Because of this, there are many explanations, so I’ll do my best to describe them based on my understanding.

Thoughts gain strength when you focus on them. Focus is like food to a thought, it gives them energy. Certain thoughts are unlikely to make a lasting impression on your mind…

When you are making a pot of tea and you hear the water boil, you are probably not going to spend much energy thinking about the process of taking the kettle of the burner, and pouring the water. All the tiny decisions you make throughout your day, which brand of shampoo to buy, which route to take go to get home, which shoes you wear, they don’t mean much or gain strength.

Once you’ve made the choice, it’s gone.

What you want to pay attention to are the significant thoughts, the ones that repeat. These are the thoughts you have interest in, or opinions about. They are the thoughts you have about your circumstances and the issues you face in your life and in the world at large.

These thoughts take form as they are repeated and gain more energy. Eventually, they become beliefs.

So when people say, your thoughts create your reality, what we really mean is that your beliefs create your reality. Because beliefs are really strong thoughts, that you have put a lot of energy into and they have taken form. Beliefs shape how you respond to things that happen in your life.

They are learned, but they can also be unlearned.

Here is an example…

If you are unhappy about being single and you complain to your friends about it and feel sad about it when you’re alone, you are creating a belief that you will never be happy unless you are in a relationship. This create a constant tension that effects your well-being. Your beliefs create anxiety, and could lead you to jumping into any relationship you come across simply because you believe it will make you happy, even if it’s not a good fit.

Then, because of your belief that relationships are how you are going to be happy, you may find yourself jumping from relationship to relationship. You may be happy—or at least hold the belief that you are—which continues to reinforce the belief that you can only be happy when you are in a relationship. You will continue to attract relationships to you because like attracts like.

But, if what you actually want is a partnership and a connection, not just a label of in a relationship, you are not attracting what you truly desire.

So, through a series of thinking that you will be happy when you are in a relationship, and reinforcing it through a series of relationships and thinking you are happy, your thoughts take form in your mind and solidify into beliefs. This belief basically becomes the building blocks for how you experience life.

Once you understand what thought forms are, you can build the ones that help you, and dismantle the ones that don’t. Then, through mindfully examining your thoughts and actively constructing your beliefs, you can begin to attract the circumstances you want into your life.

Sources of Thought Forms

Thought forms have several sources. You, the people you interact with, and society at large.

The Most Obvious Source is You

You create countless thought forms throughout your life, which you may or may not be aware of, and you may or may not share with others.

For example, if you believe you live in a dangerous neighborhood, you probably act on a conscious level to lock your doors and windows. But on a subconscious level you may believe you cannot trust the people in your neighborhood.

This thought may be reinforced when a crime occurs in your neighborhood. And since like attracts like, more crime may follow. As you continue to be distrustful of your neighbors, you will become more reluctant to reach out to them. A strong community of neighbors supporting neighbors is one of the greatest deterrents of crime. Without that support system, more crime will infiltrate.

To improve the situation, you can decide to stop sending energy to the thoughts that make you feel vulnerable or suspicious. Shift your focus to the positive aspects of your neighborhood. As you begin to notice what is going right, you may be more willing to form connections with the people in the community, to strengthen it. Strong communities can work together to push crime out and make it a safer place to live. You will see your neighborhood as a friendly, trustworthy place full of good people.

Ultimately, this improves your life. You give yourself control over your circumstances. You remove the anxiety and increase your sense of comfort, by seeing the good instead of focusing on the bad.

The People You Interact With

Another source of thought forms is the people your interact with. This is your family, friends, and co-workers. People you frequently talk to will express their own beliefs to you as seen from their experiences. They actually strengthen their beliefs when they say them out loud.

Your co-worker may be working for the weekend and always talking about just needing to get through the week. Your parents may say something like, “It’s best to not get your hopes up,” whenever you share your plans. Your friends may be constantly talking about how everything is too expensive and they can’t afford to do this or that.

Luckily, once you are aware of the idea of thought forms, you get to decide if you want to pick them up to add to your own collection of truths.

But before now, you were likely influenced by the beliefs of others. Especially your parents and the people you interacted with as a child, like other family members, teachers, religious leaders, and friends. During these formative years, you likely picked up and carried with you many thoughts forms on a subconscious level.

It is difficult to determine whether they belong to you or someone else, but as an adult, you are more able to recognize this and decide if you agree. In order to master your thoughts, you will need to find this distinction for all the beliefs you carry and decide what you want to keep.

The Influence of Society and Culture

The society you live in also influences the formations of your beliefs. They may be reinforced by the people you surround yourself with, but they originate from cultural expectations and a perpetuated by television, social media, movies, etc.

These are things like beauty standards, political opinions, mainstream religions, and ethics and morals. The influence of these things on you at a personal level depends on how they interact with your individual thoughts forms.

Just as you would examine your thought forms and those of the people around you with scrutiny to determine what is helpful to you, it is important to evaluate the societal thought forms. Prevent those that are harmful from entering your worldview and accept the ones that help your greater purpose.

For example, only watching the mainstream news can influence your mood in a detrimental way because they focus on misfortune and tragedy because it boosts ratings. Be sure you keep yourself informed, but balance it out with upbeat stories that lift your spirits and restore your faith in humanity.


As you continue practicing, adjust your focus to the thoughts your appreciate, you will attract more of the same. Like attracts like and this applies to anything you experience, including thoughts. When you focus on unhelpful thoughts, you will attract more of them. They will increase exponentially the longer you focus on them and they will continue to dominate your reality.

Shifting your thoughts toward those that bring you joy will attract more joyful thoughts. Longterm focus on these beneficial thoughts also increases them exponential as they bring you more thoughts and circumstances that you appreciate.


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