How to Create your Ideal Meditation Space with Energy-Healing Techniques

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Without further ado: how to create your ideal meditation space with energy-healing techniques...

Meditation is a great way to recharge your body and mind, boost clarity, and increase awareness. Newbies and seasoned practitioners alike will benefit from finding a “sacred place” in the home to meditate.

The goal is to build a habit, so you want to create a space you feel excited to return to day after day as you deepen your practice. Once you clear the clutter and banish negative vibes with simple energy healing techniques, you will have a comfortable space to sit, breathe, and seek enlightenment.

It’s normal to “bring home” arguments, sickness, and work stress. Negative feelings arise on a daily basis. The problem is when we don’t take the time to address and clear them. Then they snowball into anxiety, depression, and ways of thinking that negatively impact our lives. Perhaps you, your partner, or your family find yourselves struggling to find the positivity in life, pointing fingers instead of looking inward, or criticizing each other.

Meditation can break this cycle by giving us a chance to breathe and transform unpleasant feelings.

Meditation Space

You don’t need a huge house to create your ideal meditation spot - it could be a terrace, patio, garden, enclosed room, simple corner, or even a closet. Try to feel what areas bring you joy and a sense of peace. Avoid high-traffic areas like the kitchen, the living room, the lavatory, or the front door. Noise and distractions can seriously impede your practice.

To make room for positive energy, it’s important to clean your home. Get rid of all the clutter by putting things away or disposing of them, and make sure you clean every corner. Open all the blinds, and, weather-permitting, open your windows. Let in as much light and fresh air as you can as you clean.

Of course, you can fill your meditation space with cushions, singing bowls, and plenty of other zen items - but you don’t have to. Sometimes the most effective rooms are the simplest. Only include items you love and that contribute to your happiness and peace. This could include meditation cushions, candles, crystals, or affirmation stones. The main point is to carve out a space where you feel comfortable to simply sit.

Smoke Cleansing

This is a powerful energy-clearing technique that involves burning sticks of sage, patchouli, palo santo, or copal incense to rid the home of bad spirits - creates a beautiful aroma that sets the tone for your meditation.

To cleanse your home with smoke, light the incense stick in the center of the room, and let the flames die out (they will, very quickly). Fan it carefully to encourage a steady stream of smoke. Cleanse yourself from head to toe, then walk clockwise around the room, swirling the bundle in circular motions. Pay special attention to the walls, corners and floor, and don’t forget the ceiling.

Using Crystals

Crystals have powerful healing properties to help break up any stagnant energy in your meditation room. Place them on window sills, or create a crystal grid for protection. Selenite is a clear crystal that can cleanse energy and raise the vibration in your home to a higher level.

Many healers recommend using other healing crystals, as well. Rose quartz opens the heart chakra, while amethyst helps with intention setting, and citrine allows you to manifest your dreams. If you have a favorite that works for you, place it in rooms where the bad energy seems to collect.

Meditation Tips

When you’re ready to meditate, sit cross legged on a chair, floor, or your meditation cushion. If it is comfortable, you can sit in half lotus, and eventually full lotus. Pay attention to your breath as you inhale and exhale through your nose regularly. Deepen your breath and feel your belly expand. You can try these purifying, healing, and energizing breath exercises to increase focus. Some people also like to use affirmations throughout their practice. Positive affirmations include, “I am worth loving,” and “I believe in my ability to change the world with the work that I do.”

See a full list of affirmations here.

Many people think the purpose of meditation is to cease all thinking. This is not the case, and certainly not in the beginning! Even for the most seasoned practitioners, thoughts and mental formations will arise. Don’t get frustrated. Treat thoughts like puppies, picking them up gently and moving them out of your way. Eventually, you will notice the gaps between thoughts becoming longer, and your meditation becoming deeper.

By creating a sacred space where energy is allowed to flow freely, you’ll be able to turn your gaze inward and take your practice to the next level.

Have you created a spectacular meditation space? Share your story in the comments below!