How to Perform a Psychic Meditation


You’re in the right place if you…

  • dream of being a psychic

  • are looking for ways to strengthen your abilities

  • want to hone your talents

  • desire a technique for enhancing your powers

  • hope to gain better insight.

Psychic meditation is a wonderful way to help you do all these things…

What Is Psychic Meditation?

It’s likely you’ve tried meditating before, especially if you are a spiritual person. In which case you may be wondering at this point, “What is psychic meditation?” or even “What is the difference between psychic meditation and regular meditation?”

Different types of meditations have different areas of focus or priorities. While regular meditation tends to focus on clearing your mind and refreshing your spirit, psychic meditation focuses on enhancing your psychic gifts. Usually, this involves contacting spirits and your unique spiritual guides and astral projection.

Because of this psychic meditation is a bit more challenging than a typical meditation.

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How To Practice Psychic Meditation

A few tips before you begin…

I recommend choosing a crystal that you can hold during your meditation. You may even want to choose more than one to hold onto if you are drawn to several. This will give you something to focus on and may help you enter into your psychic meditation easier in the future.

Be sure that you come into this process with an open mind and remember to be patient with yourself. Just like with anything, this takes practice. Try for at least once each day.

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#1: Create Your Space

Set up a comfortable space where you can be alone and peaceful for at least 15 minutes. This will be your sacred space.

A sacred space is just what it sounds like: an organized, calm and relaxing space that is set aside for rituals or spiritual work. It is meant to replenish your energy and provide inner peace.

Sacred Space is a workbook that will guide you through a step-by-step process to create a space that will align you for a magical and spiritual life.

With each step, you will be guided on how to become more present in your experience of the world using all of your senses. You will set boundaries, set intentions for various types of altars and learn how to create a temporary scared space by casting a circle.


Your workbook is complete with over 30 pages of information and journaling prompts including:

  • Journaling Tips

  • Sacred Space Visualization

  • Cleansing and Purifying

  • Using your senses: Sight, Sound, Smell and Touch

  • Honoring Mother Earth through Intentional Living

  • Secret, Practical, Spiritual and Outdoor Altars

  • How to Cast a Circle

  • Waning Crescent Tarot Spread

  • and More!


When you create a sacred space you are creating a sense of wellness. You are telling the universe, “I am ready to receive what is mine.”

There are many ways to set up your sacred space, which will be unique to your preferences, but for the purposes of psychic meditation, be sure you have a pen and notebook nearby, so you can write down any impressions that come through.

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#2: Get into Position

Typically, it’s best to lay or sit comfortably for meditation. It’s a bit different for psychic meditation…

Find a chair that supports your back and allows you to place both feet flat on the floor. Visualize roots growing from the bottoms of your feet into the to ground below, connecting you firmly to the Earth like a tree. Place your hand with palms facing upward in your lap in a signal that you are ready to receive information from spirit.

#3: Focus Your Breathing

Meditation is, in essence, focused breathing. I’ve shared 5 Breathing Exercises in the past, but generally, close your eye and breathe deeply into your belly. To do this, breathe in through your nose as you count to three and allow your stomach expand. Hold this breath for an additional three seconds before exhaling, again for three counts.

Repeat this breathing exercise several times until you feel very relaxed and your breathing is calm and even-paced. You won’t need to count throughout the meditation, only in the beginning to establish the rhythm.

If you are unfamiliar with breath work of this nature, it may take some time for this sequence to feel natural. Remember to just keep practicing and it will get easier.

#4: Ask for Protection

An important step of psychic meditation is to ask for protection from your spirit guides or angels. It’s okay if you don’t know who your guide is yet, they know who you are. In fact, meeting your spirit guide for the first time is an indication of your growing psychic power. Until you meet them, just ask to be protected from low vibe energy and anything that may want to harm you during your meditation. Here is the prayer I say:

I call upon my Spirit Guides and Divine Beings of Light
To stand guard at the doorway to my soul,
To protect me from forces that would cause me harm,
To protect me from anything that would deceive my mind, body, and soul.
I ask them to guide me on my path
That I be surrounded and lead by love and light.

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#5: State Your Intentions

As with anything in magick, your intention is key. Go into your psychic meditation with clear intentions about your desire. Your intention can be anything, but most likely you will want your session to bring about your highest and best results and to help you to increase your psychic abilities. Here is a prayer I like to say:

I seek to become a vehicle for the cosmic life force.
I am open to the wisdom of the divine.
May my guides and angels come forward now,
To guide and to help me as I venture into the unknown,
To answer my questions with clarity.
I welcome your guidance Spirits of Light.

#6: Activate Your Subconscious

Now you will really dive into the meditation. You have raised your vibration with breath work and prayer, so you are ready to receive intuitive messages from your spirit guides, angels, or loved ones who have passed on.

At this point in the meditation I like to visualize something that represents opening: a door, a light switch, a book, a flower in bloom, a clearing in a forest, a candle being lit, etc. Pick something that is specific and unique to you. This will become your activation switch to help you access your subconscious mind and open yourself to receiving information from spirit.

#7: Observe and Take Notes

After visualizing the openness of your mind, sit quietly for 10-15 minutes, or as long as is comfortable to you at this point in your journey. Pay attention to your body and the sensations you experience during this time. You may experience visions flash across your closed eyelids, distinct smells or tastes, pressure of prickling on your skin, whispered or spoken words, names or phrases.

These impressions may be subtle and are experienced differently by each person. However they manifest for you, write them ALL down so you can refer to them later.

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#8: Wrap it Up

Now, you’ve opened yourself up to the messages of your guides. The final stage of this process is to close down and ground yourself. It’s important that you don’t skip this step, because you want to create a barrier between what is yours and what is not so you don’t become overloaded with energies that don’t belong to you.

What was the image you used to open yourself? You’ll need to close it now. Shut the door, flip off the light switch, close the book, watch the flower fold into itself, step back into the forest forest, blow out the candle, etc.

Then, be sure to thank your spirit guides and angels for their help. Here's a prayer I often use:

I thank the Spirit Guides and Angels
for their protection, guidance and love.
I now release the energy, connections, thoughts and feelings
That do not belong to me.
I welcome back my own energy into myself.
Cleansed, protected, and grounded.

Finally, you’ll want to ground yourself. You’ve spent a lot of time focused on that Third Eye Chakra, so pull all that energy back down to your Root Chakra through a grounding exercise. There are countless ways to do this, you can take my FREE Energy Work eCourse if you need some ideas. You might also try standing barefoot in the grass, or eating a root vegetable.

Look at you! You’ve finished a psychic meditation and I am so proud!



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