Unboxing of the Twice Resurrected Money Box


I recently received my shipment of the Twice Resurrected subscription box. This shop is owned and operated by Siobhan Johnson, witch blogger extraordinaire over at https://www.siobhanjohnson.com/. Siobhan has guest posted a couple of times here on the Mumbles & Things blog and it was a delight for me to have the opportunity to see what her subscription box is all about.

With the subscription, I first received an email telling me about what would be inside my box. Siobhan told me she does this in an email in an effort to keep the boxes as eco-friendly as possible. I think that is a really beautiful commitment to our planet. Below you will find a description of everything she sent to me including all the wonderful information about each item.

The theme of my box was money which I thought was very fitting for Taurus season. Take note on the materials if you are looking for ideas for money rituals and spells. Siobhan’s suggestions and uses are spot on!

Ing Rune Magnet

Ing, inguz or ingwaz is the rune of creativity, of life-giving power. Given that it can never be ‘reversed’ or have a weakened or negative meaning when thrown in a reading, this rune is a very positive symbol to keep around! It’s a magnet, but you can also put it in a charm bag or keep it somewhere around where you can gaze at it. This symbol helps you receive and perform dynamic action and intention to help you to your goal, so it's perfect for wealth generation.

Try to focus on the symbol itself, and not the physical structure of the wood or paint. Sit calmly and let your eyes relax.

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Dalmatian Jasper

Stimulates joy Boost energy Aids playfulness Eases boredom Cleanses Purifies Balances Grounds Helps connect you to your inner child.

I really like to keep Dalmatian Jasper at my work desk for those afternoons where you get deflated and distracted. It helps you find the joy in the dark, which is imperative for increasing money. Money being a Spirit herself, she won't show favour to those who are constantly grumpy with her or who subconsciously reject her.

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Goldstone Earrings

I think crystal earrings are underrated. It gets the crystal right above a pulse point which helps spread the crystal's energy around your body, and also quite literally helps you 'hear' the crystal's insight. They also don't look so 'obviously' witchy - stealth witchcraft for the win.



  • Aids ambition

  • Builds drive and energy

  • Promotes confidence and a positive mental attitude


  • Increases vitality and energy 

  • Eases arthritis

  • Reduces stomach tension and joint pain


  • Aids entrepreneurship

  • Creates opportunities

  • Attracts money

Mint Attraction Powder

Contains mint, sugar, rosemary and a touch of abre camino. A simple blend for simply attracting money, to be sprinkled in a money-box, altar or purse. But not somewhere on the floor - that's how you get ants. And whilst a great symbol for money by rote of being hard workers, they can be a great symbol of money outside, thank you very much. Do not eat, keep out of reach of kids and pets.

Cinnamon Stick

I like to use these as money wands to enchant money workings instead of my normal wand. Can also be used as an offering for quite a few Deities.


The candles are fresh linen (blue) to evoke feelings of luxury. A lot of the time we nope out of receiving money because we reject luxury out of some idea that you having nice things automatically means someone else does not, or worse. Captialism is weird but we all deserve a bit of luxury. The white one is coconut, lime and jasmine - fruits, spices and herbs often have their place in wealth magic because they were once expensive trade goods. If you're ever in doubt of what to use for money magic, buy something fancy and unusual and you'll probably be right.

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Snow quartz

All quartz is beloved by Jupiter, the Big Dick Energy of money magick. Snow quartz is honestly just fancy quartz. And when it comes to money, fancy is good. Quartz acts as a generator and magnifier of energies, so keeping them in a purse/wallet keeps it full, and they boost the powers of spells/altars.

Old Coin

Coins are symbols of wealth and I always recommend keeping at least one, but the more the merrier, on an altar. I like to use old coins to a) stop you getting tempted to spend them and b) doesn't mean you accidentally tie your spell to the spirit of your currency. Whilst someone who understands the stock market could make a lot of money doing magic on it, I am not that person. I like to use 'dead' money as a symbol of currency to avoid that - it still works. You can also use 'dead' money to quite literally pay the Dead to do stuff for you.

There's a joke somewhere in here about death and taxes, but I'm too tired to find it. Please laugh anyway.

Frankincense Flower Incense (marked s)

How cute is this? I found it in a FairTrade shop in Liverpool and just HAD to get it. Frankincense is a traditional money incense, but also good for cleansing and uplifting. People often forget they need to hang on to their money as well as receive it, and frankincense is good for that as it's also protective.

Aloe Vera Incense (marked a)

Another all-rounder, I like to use Aloe Vera in money magic as a stabiliser. An aloe plant lives for a heck of a long time, and you want your cash flow to, as well.

Bergamot incense (marked b)

A good pick-me-up. Present in the good tea, so a good wealth incense along those luxury vibes.

Money Bag

Handmade by me, filled with just about every money botanical I could find and lots of sugar. Abre camino, bay leaf, cinnamon, cardomom, conker, juniper berry, pine resin, cloves, star anise, ground orange peel, frankincense incense.

Made for whispering your intention into and keeping about you if you can, on an altar or at your desk if not. Do not eat, keep out of reach of pets/children.

My Review

So there you have it! This was a beautiful collection of tools and materials that were thoughtfully collected and packaged with care.

I loved the personality the Siobhan adds to her writing in the email and all the little jokes. She obviously has a lot of knowledge and experience to share and she puts all of that into her writing and the items she’s chosen for her kit.

I also appreciate the safety warnings about how not to use these tools. While it may seem like common sense, I think it’s easy to get caught up in the magic and we may forget our common sense.


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