How to Manifest Your Intention Using Candle Magic


What is Candle Magic?

Candle Magic falls into the category of sympathetic magic, with things like Voodoo Dolls and Reiki. 

The principle to sympathetic magic is that what you do to one thing, magically or energetically is going to change or manifest in another thing.

There are many different types of sympathetic magic and you can use this type of magic for practically any purpose. 

You just need a container or a vessel. In this case, a candle.

Why  do we use candles for sympathetic magic? 

Candles are a covert way of practicing magic that can be used without drawing attention. Throughout history practicing witchcraft, or any type of healing, has resulted in persecution. Our ancestors used common household items to practice so that they wouldn’t raise suspicion. Candles were incredibly common before electricity for a wide range of purposes. 

What kind of candle should I use?

When you are casting a spell using a candle all you really need is a candle. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, it just needs to be a hunk of wax with a wick in it.

  • Tea Lights

  • Chime Candles

  • Votives

  • Pillars

  • Prayer Candles

Like I said, it can be whatever you want as long as it’s a candle. Otherwise, it’s not candle magic is it?

When looking for candles, try to source them ethically. Follow these guidelines:

  • Avoid paraffin wax — non-renewable resource and are considered slightly toxic

  • Avoid palm oil candles — contributes to the destruction of rainforest habitat

  • Look for ethical beekeepers and purchase beeswax candles 

  • Look for soy that is traceable — RTRSA certified plantations.

  • Ask the candle company — if they can’t give you information, then you probably don’t want to buy from them.

How do I Perform the spell?

Step 1: Start by determining you intention, what is motivating you to cast the spell? What is your goal? What are you hoping to achieve?

It really comes down to your intention. I know I always say that, but come on you guys, that’s what magic is. 

All this other stuff is fun and beautiful, and gives you a boost of confidence, but it’s your intention that matters. Your purpose for casting the spell, your purpose for doing the magic in the first place.

You have to have an intention or motivation.

Step 2: Dress your candles with the appropriate herbs, paints, sigils, glitters, stones, etc. 

Dressing a candle is the term used to describe adding herbs or stones or oils to the candle before or after lighting it. This is what makes candle magic feel magical and personal. Really, what magic is, is the process of making unseen forces more visible and more tangible by making changes through your own willpower.

  • Kitchen herbs, herbs from your garden, essential oils, loose herbs, or what’s called an anointing oil

  • Crystal chips, raw or tumbled stones, crystal formations, anointing oils

  • Sigils, words, symbols, runes, etc. carved into the wax

  • Colored wax or paint the wax, glitter

While dressing your candle, think intensely on your desired outcome. Every stroke of paint, every sigil you carve, every herb you place inside the candle, re-affirm in your mind the desired outcome. 

Step 3: When you find an appropriate time, place your candle in a candle holder. Burn the candle and allow it to burn out on it’s own, or re-light as needed. 

You can plan your candle magic spell for a certain day of the week or during a certain moon phase or when a certain zodiac sign is particularly strong. It’s also okay to just do the spell as your mood suits you or as your energy is available. 

Don’t let these timings not matching you intention discourage you from doing the magick. 

  • When you have energy

  • When the moon phase matches your intention

  • When the day of the week matches your intention

Caution: Sometimes the herbs catch during the burning so make sure you are in the same room as the candle at all times while it is burning.

Step 4: As soon as the candle is done burning, you may decide to psychically read the candle wax. 

Things to look for:

  • Uneven burning

  • Disproportionate amount of soot

  • Foul smell

  • Cracking or breaking glass or wax

  • Shapes in any wax that remains

Use your intuition to determine the meaning of these signs.

Step 5: Throw the candle out or bury in the earth.

When the wax is gone or you can’t get the wick to light, the spell is done.

  1. Collect any crystals you want to reuse.

  2. Scrape out as much wax as you can then melt the wax and wipe it out.

  3. Reuse or dispose of the glass or tin container.

  4. Bury the biodegradable parts of the candle: the wax and the cotton wick.



Are you ready to do magick?

candle magic preview.001.png

At this point you probably are looking for some guidance about which ingredients would be most perfect to use in your spell and when is the perfect time to perform it.

Well, there’s actually no such thing as “perfect” but we can definitely get pretty close. AND… luckily, I have anticipated your needs and created this really great guide.




The Candle Magic eCourse includes:

  • Lifetime access to video lectures (and transcripts)

  • More in-depth information on performing a candle spell

  • Downloadable PDF reference guides for ingredients and timing

  • Forum for discussion and sharing experiences with other students


Have you practiced Candle Magic before? Tell me about your experiences in the comments below.