Beginner's Guide to Working with Crystals: Part 3


This is Part 3 in a Three Part Series Read Part 1 and Part 2

Crystal Forms and Shapes

As you use crystals for healing and continue to grow in your journey you may find you want to explore further into the world of crystals. There are many different shapes of crystals and you may be wondering whether there is a difference in their energetic field.

You can find stones that are raw (in their natural states) and stones that have been tumbled or shaped. Generally, they all have the properties associated with them, but some are easier to use based on your needs.

  • Tumbled stones - easier to carry in your pocket or place on your body or another person, as raw stone can be more fragile.

  • Heart-shaped Crystals - combine a loving energy with their other characteristics.

  • Natural or Polished Points - energy can be directed toward or away from a specific part of the body for healing.

  • Crystal Wands - the wider end is used for drawing energy out and the narrow end it used for putting energy into a specific spot for healing.

  • Crystal Pyramid - directs the energy of the crystal up through the apex.

  • Crystal Sphere - energy emanates evenly in all directions.

  • Sacred Geometry Shapes - represent the building blocks of everything in the Universe and the elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Ether/Spirit, for use when meditation or working with the elements.

  • Beads and Pendants - worn for fashionable healing and a direct connection to their energy.

Using Crystals to Help Others

Now that you have been enjoying all the benefits of crystals personally, you are probably wondering about sharing them with other living things around you. It can be helpful to place crystals around the house, where the whole family can benefit.

Note: Animals and children are often naturally attracted to crystals. If sharing crystals with children or pets, please be careful to avoid any choking hazards and keep them out of reach, if necessary. Crystal bracelets and necklaces should only be used in older children and adults to avoid any choking hazards.

Using Crystals with Children

When using crystals to heal children, start with gentle crystals. Unless a child is intuitively drawn to one, try to avoid high energy crystals. Try having the child select from a group of crystals. Try Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz and Green Aventurine to start. Children naturally have a strong intuition when they are young, allow this intuition to guide them in selecting the crystals they need for healing, as you would yourself.

Using Crystals with Pets:

  • Amethyst - place in water dish to help with fleas and parasites

  • Amazonite - use in the fish tank to keep your aquatic friends healthy

  • Green Aventurine - place in a room to calm nervous energy

  • Moss Agate - place anywhere to help with aggressiveness

  • Pyrite - in a terrarium to reptiles with skin problems

  • Leopardskin Jasper, Dalmatian Jasper, and other crystals that look like the fur coats of the animals - us for healing in dogs and cats

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Using Crystals with Plants

Crystals can be used to help your plants in the garden or pots. Place Moss Agate, Green Aventurine, Tree Agate and Fluorite near plants to help them stay healthy and grow strong.

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Crystal Grids

A crystal grid is simple to make and helpful for amplifying your intentions. Crystal grids are also beautiful to look at! Follow these steps to make one:

  1. Choose a place that it can remain undisturbed.

  2. Clear all the crystals.

  3. Place a large crystal, such as a sphere or tower, in the center of the grid.

  4. Add a picture or other object that corresponds with your purpose (optional).

  5. Place several other smaller crystals around the center crystal, directing any points outward.

  6. Trace the grid from the center crystal to each other crystal using a wand or your finger, while holding your intention to energize the grid.

  7. Retrace the grid periodically to recharge it.

Follow your intuition when deciding on the crystals and shape of your grid and let your creativity flow.

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