Moon Magick Pre-Sell

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I wanted to let you know about something I've been working on and dreaming about creating for about six months.

We are currently in a pre-sell enrollment period to gage interest in something like this.

So let me paint you a picture of my vision...

Imagine seeing more and more results from your moon and manifesting work.

Up until now you may have been confused about the actual meanings of the Moon Phases.

You do know this, though:

  • You have a deep desire to tap into that sacred and unseen part of the Moon because you know that it will bring you wisdom and balance.

  • You can use it to switch your magic on because you know it will help you to focus your energy and to allow your dreams and desires to become reality.

  • You feel that you have had this knowledge all along and your inner priestess, witch, healer or shaman is awakening, even if you had forgotten about that part of yourself.

  • You have been seeking reliable sources and knowledge to learn how to apply Moon Magick in your life because you feel it will reveal your own path and will assist and guide you.

You are right.

Moon Magick can bring you all of that and more.

The Moon Magick course is an online workshop that explains how paying attention to the phase of the moon can be used for manifestation. Once you start working with the actual flow of the moon, you’ll start feeling more empowered, more in control of your emotions instead of feeling controlled by them. Excitement will take over. You will look forward to what you can do while aligning with the beautiful energy of the Moon Phases and you will start seeing your list of achievements grow as a result of setting powerful intentions.

Pre-Enroll Discount

If you pre-enroll during the first month of registration, I'll take 75% off the cost of lifetime access, which is regularly $149. Hurry, this offer ends October 31, 2018. Discounts will drop drastically until they disappear altogether at the end of 2018 when the Moon Magick Course launches. By pre-enrolling early, you can guarantee you receive lifetime access for the largest discount off the launch price of $149.

🎃 October 2018 Discount — 75% Off Lifetime Access

🍁 November 2018 Discount — 50% Off Lifetime Access

🎄 December 2018 Discount — 25% of Lifetime Access

❄️ Yule 2018 Launch — Full Price ($149)

🌒 🌕 🌘

About this Course

What will you get with your purchase?

This is so much more than just a course or just a planner. As you follow along with the activities in the digital or physical copy of your planner, you will find prompts for video lessons about how to use the pages.

The planner is the printed element of the complete framework aimed at helping you achieve your dreams.

The videos provide the learning content and helpful tips and information to guide your personal journey throughout the year.


Use the moon phases to connect to your own rhythm and understand the true meaning of the moon phases as they apply to you, while learning how to use the energy of the moon in intention setting, manifesting and release.


Videos and text about Moon Magick, bonus videos and text about candle magic and intention setting, and a full year of goal planning based on moon phase with suggested workings for aligning yourself with your desire.


Your purchase includes lifetime access to this content and all future or updated content including a new calendar and planner for every year this course is live, and any bonus content that is added to this course in the future.

Don't Miss Out!


I can guarantee that the next time I open this course up, it will cost more. Don't miss your chance to connect with the magick of the moon by receiving 75% off the Moon Magick course.

This course is the first of its kind to combine video with your very own physical planner in order to time your projects with the phases of the moon. This is your time.

Invest in yourself, invest in your life, invest in your future. 

When you invest in these things you are making an incredible decision to commit to life long learning. Many people don’t choose to commit to their growth.

This course will help you plan your future and achieve your dreams. It will give you the resources you need to grow and evolve.