You make following the moon cycles for the month easy, and I love the examples of how to celebrate equinoxes etc. You make stuff easy to follow. And understand. I apply your suggestions all the time

— Kelly

I am particular fond of the lunar phases and the correspondents that go with each one of them. I find them incredibly helpful! I find the information to be very user friendly and beginner friendly. Everything is presented in a way that makes you want to learn more and you are able to assimilate the concept. Maggie is very kind and eager to convey her knowledge to help us grow in the craft. The Mumbles & Things resources have helped me so much! Especially with the lunar calendar Maggie offers in the newsletter emails.

— Jissell

You always go above and beyond and I really feel like you're trustworthy in every way. I like all things magic. I've always been drawn to these sorts of things and you've given me a community I can finally relate to. A place where I fit in. Here I'm normal. The resources have given me more insight into myself and the world around me. I love how you give us all the extra information as well.

— Savannah Blake

It looks like you have info on just about anything and everything a newbie needs to get started. I just recently joined your group. I can see you have a lot of information out there that can help a newbie like me find her path. Also everyone seems to be very friendly and to be more than happy to offer help when asked.

— Constance Treat

The research you do is evident in your writings. Never feel like your ,"selling" but rather educating and sharing knowledge. Insightful and simple communications are key.

— Joan

I like how you show different pathways of witchcraft, and explain the “whys” of what you’re sharing.

— Mary

I love the worksheets and printables! I don't yet consider myself a witch. I am investigating and learning. But I am compiling a binder of information. It has been so helpful to have nice, clean, educational material in a printer friendly format. This has been impossible for me to find elsewhere. I love Mumbles & Things because the material is clean and clear. It is so helpful to me. And there is so much information to read through that helps me get a bigger picture and gives me ideas of what to look into more as well. As I do not consider myself a witch, yet, I also am not doing any spell work. I like to have a deep understanding in something before I dedicate myself to it. And this site is perfect for that. It give me a lot of general information and resources. It is helping me clearly put together what I've learned. I am really enjoying this site so far!

— Alexis

I just really like how you explain things, without going in too deep or getting carried away on any subject. I like how interactive you are with the site and how you can feel the real passion behind it. I have a better insight to my own intuition and can always come here to find an answer to what Im searching for. Or at least find some good leads to get me goin’.

— Tara Cunningham

You were so helpful when I asked a question.You explain things if I don’t understanding. Always friendly. Everyone in the group is friendly helpful and makes you like family.

— Shari

Uhhh.... the course is FREE! I’m new to the idea of being a ‘witch’ and your course is interesting, informational, and you cover so much cool stuff! As a 34 year professional educator, you get an A+. I really like the weekly moon forecast with the crystals and the daily affirmation. I was just entering the info into my weekly planner. I’m trying to learn more about myself and my natural “witchiness”. I like how you combine modalities. It’s more confirmation that I am here to help others feel better! Thank you so much for doing all this.

— Julie