Celebrating Life with the Magic of Tea


Brewing the right cup of tea can be witchcraft incognito. This innocuous form of magic is a prime example of how a little ingenuity can squeeze magic out of the most mundane daily rituals

Witchcraft worked with tea is both discreet, allowing you to work magic comfortably in any environment, and accessible to almost everyone.

History of Tea and Magic Lore

Tea is a beverage with a very long history – probably the longest in human race. Legend has it, that the Chinese emperor Shen-nong discovered the herb in 2737 BC as the leaves accidentally fallen into the hot water he was drinking. Thus, amazed by tea magic, the emperor dedicated his life to the invention of tea brews and the magic the comes out of each. 

From this time until now, mages, witches and alchemists have tried very hard in order to find the perfect brew to heal each illness and sickness or to achieve their every will.

Tea magic is a very powerful form of Witchcraft as it employs both magic and divination. Tea Witches are considered very Zen and very powerful at the same time. They are not only herbalists, but through the magic of the herbs they have found a way to centre themselves and achieve wisdom. 

Do all types of tea come from the same plant?

Yes, most of the types of tea come from the leaves of Camellia sinensis, however, the truth is that different parts of the plant are used and also there are many varieties of the same plant. This gives all teas their distinctive taste and of course magical properties and health benefits.

Find out about the differences between black, green, white and oolong tea including their health benefits and magickal uses within the Tea Magick course.

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Crafting Your Own Tea Blends

Pre-made tea blends are designed with taste in mind. You can purchase these and research how they might be used magically based on their ingredients. You can craft your own tea blend as well with your specific magical purpose in mind. You can find a few of my favorite herbs and spices to use as well as a few of my own tea spells in the PDF for this session, when you enroll in the course.

What Tea Means to Me

“Taking a bowl of green tea in your hands and drinking it, you feel one with nature, and there is peace.  This peace can be spread by offering a bowl of tea to another.  I hope you will drink and share this peace with me.” 

The fifth generation Japanese tea master Soshitsu Sen the fifteenth wrote this in Tea Life, Tea Mind. To me this quote says that tea is a metaphor for peace. 

Drinking tea alone is a form of meditation. Drinking tea with others is a form of community. Taking the time to prepare tea is an act of caring for yourself or another. When we give tea the time and care in deserves, it returns to us all its infinite gifts. 

This, is what tea means to me: the embrace of friendship, quiet contemplation, and the sustenance that I can bring inner serenity and peace. Each cup is a blessing.

Passages and Accomplishments

I believe every accomplishment, any exceptional endeavor, all joy, and some sorrows should be shared with friends and family over a pot of tea whenever possible. In good times, tea is celebratory: in bad times, it is amazingly comforting. 

In the Magick of Tea course, I share just a few ways in which the simple combination of tea leaves and water can be the basis for celebrations and reflections. I hope these examples will inspire you to create celebrations that are uniquely yours, to honor all the days of your life — with tea. 

Not into Drinking Tea?

As much as I’m sure many of us love drinking tea, there are also people out there who are decidedly NOT tea drinkers. For those of you who cringe at the thought of sipping on a mug of hot leaf water, there are still ways you can incorporate these kinds of herbal infusions into your craft. 

  • Use tea as a base for recipes

  • Add tea to baths

  • Use tea at the altar

  • Leave tea as an offering

  • Scry with tea




The Inner Psychic eCourse includes:

  • Lifetime access to video lectures (and transcripts)

  • Description for using tea in magic and divination

  • Process for creating a sacred space and meditation time with tea

  • What type of tea to serve at various life events

  • Downloadable PDF reference guides and worksheets

  • Forum for discussion and sharing experiences with other students


How do you experience tea in your witchcraft practice and daily life? Tell me about it in the comments below.