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How to Care for Your Mumbles & Things Bracelet

I love the convenience of elastic stretch bracelets. I hate when they break. You can prolong the life of your Mumbles & Things elastic bracelets by making a few simple changes in how you wear them. Here are seven common mistakes people make when buying and wearing elastic bracelets.

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How to Place an Order on Mumbles & Things

When you buy online from a small business (like this one), an actual person (like me) does a happy dance! Read this to learn about all the features on the Mumbles & Things website and make your online shopping experience easy peasy!

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How to Place a Custom Order

Have you ever wanted to design your own jewelry? Mumbles & Things offer a style for just about everyone, but the idea of a just-for-you creation is tempting isn't it? Now you can combine any of my components with your personal intention to design your custom jewelry on your screen.

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