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Reading Tarot FAQs - Connecting With Your Deck

What is the best way to get to know your deck / connect with the energy of a new deck? Whether you are just trying to learn about your very first deck, or you have recently purchased a new deck you want to understand better, this post is for you!

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Reading Tarot FAQs - Weaving the Story

Sure, you can kind of regurgitate the Tarot card meanings from a book and go card-by-card, but I think the magic of Tarot begins when you start to see the meaning of the combination of Tarot cards and when you pull in your own intuition into the reading in addition to the collective meaning. 

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Reading Tarot FAQs - Where to Start

It can be really overwhelming to hold this 78 card deck of unfamiliar and sometime bizarre images, so to answer this question, I am going to start by showing you how to familiarize yourself with your Tarot cards with action steps to take along the way.

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