Witchy Tips

Magic can help you in so many ways. In these posts you will find answers and guidance to help you increase your personal power, attract wealth and abundance into your life, enhance your love life, give your career a boost, protect yourself and your loved ones, safeguard your home and property, improve relationships with friends and family, see into the future, improve your health and take charge of your life!

Witchcraft 101

The Wheel of the Year

The eight Sabbats each mark an important point in nature's annual cycles. They are depicted as eight evenly spaced spokes on a wheel representing the year as a whole; the dates on which they fall are nearly evenly spaced on the calendar, as well. The wheel is comprised of two groups of four holidays each. There are four solar festivals relating to the sun's position in the sky, dividing the year into quarters: the Ostara, Litha, Mabon and Yule. Between these quarter days are the cross-quarter holidays, or fire festivals: Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasadh, and Samhain.

Note: Most dates in these posts apply to the northern hemisphere. In the southern hemisphere, the seasons are opposite and it's up to you whether you celebrate on the traditional dates developed in the north or on the dates corresponding with your local natural events.