IMAGINATIVE // Moonstone Cancer Bracelet with Essential Oil Diffuser Beads

IMAGINATIVE // Moonstone Cancer Bracelet with Essential Oil Diffuser Beads


Every zodiac sign has wonderful gifts associated with it, but there are also challenges that you might face, especially if the sun is currently in the your sun sign. Stones work to encourage your gifts and help you face your challenges.

  • CANCER: June 20th - July 22nd

  • SYMBOL: Crab

  • PLANET: the Moon

  • ELEMENT: Water

  • TRAITS: Sensitive, Subtle, Protected



Moonstone’s energies are soothing and nurturing. It can also help balance the polar aspects of yourself. It is said to brings good fortune and it is seen as a tool to promote spiritual enlightenment.Moonstone is often kept with oracles and tarot cards for increase psychic ability and is considered sacred.


  • Intuition, Inspiration, Goddess Energy

  • Chakras: Sacral, Third Eye, Crown

  • Astrology: Cancer, Libra, Scorpio



  • 8mm moonstone beads

  • 8mm lava stone beads

  • 6mm silver spacer beads

  • 16mm silver plated cancer charm

  • 0.7mm hi-tec stretch cord


Your bracelet will be constructed in the identical style pictured, but the bracelet pictured is just an example. Please understand that there will be variations in your bracelet as every batch of nature-made beads will vary in overall color tones and textures.

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