ENERGY SET // Garnet, Carnelian and Clear Quartz Bracelet Set with Lava Stone Diffuser

ENERGY SET // Garnet, Carnelian and Clear Quartz Bracelet Set with Lava Stone Diffuser

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Carnelian is a powerful stone of action. It calms and protects you from fears about life and brings serenity and acceptance so your creative spirit can be free to do what it does best.


  • Creativity, Physical Vitality, Grounding

  • Chakras: Sacral

  • Astrology: Cancer, Leo


Clear Quartz is composed of the two most abundant elements (silicon and oxygen) in the earth’s crust. This is the “stone of power”. It can amplify energy and help produce a balance of the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.


  • Healing, Enhancing, Amplification

  • Chakras: All

  • Astrology: All


Garnet opens the heart’s expressions of love, passion and sensuality. It carries energy of prosperity and the enjoyment of worldly pleasures. Garnet, a powerfully energizing and regenerating stone, is remarkable for magical work. It stimulates, purifies, and reenergizes, bringing calmness or vitality as appropriate.


  • Love, Loyalty, Commitment

  • Chakras: Root, Sacral, Heart

  • Astrology: Leo, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius



  • 8mm garnet and carnelian beads

  • 8 x 12mm clear quartz stick beads

  • 8mm natural white wood beads

  • 8mm brown lava stone beads

  • 8mm copper coated wire beads

  • 6mm copper spacer beads

  • 11 x 10mm copper elephant charm (see below for other options)

  • 0.7mm hi-tec stretch cord



I'd be happy to add a charm for an additional cost. Scroll to the the last picture to see what they look like. All charms are made from a zinc alloy metal and are lead and nickel free.

  • Tree - 22 x 17mm

  • Elephant - 11 x 10mm (pictured)

  • Mermaid - 21 x 9mm

  • Fairy - 25 x 15mm


Your bracelet will be constructed in the identical style pictured, but the bracelet pictured is just an example. Please understand that there will be variations in your bracelet as every batch of nature-made beads will vary in overall color tones and textures.

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