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Each month has a theme associated with the zodiac season, to help you attune with the astrological energy and give you focus for every area of your life over the course of one solar cycle.

Aries (April) 🐏

Taurus (May) 🐃

Gemini (June) 👯‍♀️

Cancer (July) 🦀

Leo (August) 🦁

Virgo (September) 👰

Libra (October) ⚖️

Scorpio (November) 🦂

Sagittarius (December) 🏹

Capricorn (January) 🐐

Aquarius (February) 🌊

Pisces (March) 🐟

💡 Purpose and Passion

💵 Money and Abundance

💬 Communication and Hobbies

🛡 Protection and Energy Work

💪 Pride and Authenticity

🏥 Health and Routine

👩‍⚖️ Justice and Equity

👤 Shadow and Transformation

🧘‍♀️ Spiritual Exploration

🏛 Career and Public Life

💖 Love and Friendships

🔮 Psychic and Intuition

To keep you up to date, each month you will receive a reminder email with your new course(s), and other useful courses and information associated with the theme.

You can also find these updates in the forum area.

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