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DISCOVER How to Stay connected to your practice and merge magic into your daily life so that you can create the life of your dreams.

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Do you ever feel like…

  • There's not enough time in the day to manage your mundane needs, let alone your magical wants?

  • You know you want to practice witchcraft, but you have no direction or instruction?

  • There is too much information for you to sort through and you don't know who to trust?



It doesn’t have to feel this way! Just Imagine…

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Welcome to the


With your monthly membership subscription You Will receive a specific guide that is designed to help you align with the energy of the zodiac season.

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Each month has a theme associated with the zodiac season, to help you attune with the astrological energy and give you focus for every area of your life over the course of one solar cycle.

Aries (April) 🐏

Taurus (May) 🐃

Gemini (June) 👯‍♀️

Cancer (July) 🦀

Leo (August) 🦁

Virgo (September) 👰

Libra (October) ⚖️

Scorpio (November) 🦂

Sagittarius (December) 🏹

Capricorn (January) 🐐

Aquarius (February) 🌊

Pisces (March) 🐟

💡 Purpose and Passion

💵 Money and Abundance

💬 Communication and Hobbies

🛡 Protection and Energy Work

💪 Pride and Authenticity

🏥 Health and Routine

👩‍⚖️ Justice and Equity

👤 Shadow and Transformation

🧘‍♀️ Spiritual Exploration

🏛 Career and Public Life

💖 Love and Friendships

🔮 Psychic and Intuition

To keep you up to date, each month you will receive a reminder email with your new course(s), and other useful courses and information associated with the theme.

You can also find these updates in the forum area.

Exquisite and accurate content. I love Mumbles and Things because Maggie is a wonderful spirit. She puts so much information out for those of us still learning in our path. She is happy to answer questions and bring us all together as a family and community. Her website as well as her Facebook page gives so many resources that anyone with questions or confusions can get direct and well explained answers. This is by far my favorite and most used witch resource and I will always recommend it even to the most seasoned witches. These resources have helped me to bring witchcraft into my daily life and to be more confident in my intuition and my calling as a witch.

— Marina
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What You’ll Get

  • Courses and Lessons

  • Guidance and Answers

  • Divination Tips

  • Lists of Crystals and Herbs

  • Spells and Rituals

  • Meditations

  • Community Support

+ Access to the exclusive Facebook Group where you can discuss courses, ask questions, and chat with other members who are learning like you!

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Course Offerings


Your Life’s Purpose

At various times in our lives, many of us ask the eternal question: "What is my purpose?" By looking at your horoscope and seeing which “house” five points fall into, you can learn more about your life purpose.


Rich Witch: Spells, Habits and Rituals

These spells, habits and rituals are designed to help you release and let go of any obstacles that are blocking money from flowing your way as well as amplify your desire for abundance and prosperity.


Practical Candle Magic

Candle Magic is a type of sympathetic magic. The principle to sympathetic magic is that what you do to one thing, magically or energetically is going to change or manifest in another thing.


Defensive Witchcraft

Learn to protect yourself, your loved ones and your property from physical and spiritual dangers. This course is designed with true beginners in mind so you can start practicing safely.


The Proud Witch

Sometimes witchcraft may seem like something we want to hide away out of fear and maybe even shame. I want every witch to feel empowered by their practice so that we can all go share our gifts with the world.


Organizing your Grimoire

There is some confusion about what exactly a grimoire is, how it's different from a book of shadows, and how best to use them. This course will walk you through everything you need to know about creating and using your very own grimoire.


PLUS New Courses Are Added Each Month!

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You Want Bonuses?
You Got ‘em!


Magical Herbs

There are some very simple and easy ways to keep up with your practice and incorporate magic into your regular routine and daily life. Luckily, using herbs is one of the best ways to make any practice a bit more magical.


The Power of Crystals

Learn how to focus your intention using crystals and crystal grids. This course will give you the direction you need to harness the power of crystals and use them to boost your magic a powerful to manifest your desires.


Natal Chart

Your birth chart, as the name would suggest, is based on the time you were born. It is a snapshot of the planets and stars at that moment. Once you understand the influence of these positions, you can make the most out of the energy that influences you.


Knot Magic

As a reminder: magic is your focused, projected desire to the universe through conscious, symbolic or mundane action. Knot magic is a form of magic where you bind your intention into some form a string through tying knots.


Creating Sigils

A sigil is an intention that is condensed into a single glyph. Learn how to create your own Sigil and utilize this wonderfully simple form of magic. Code your intention into a unique form that only you can decipher. Discover activation techniques to transform the sigil.


The Runes

Learn how to select a set of Runes or create your own for divination, ways to care for and cleanse your runes, techniques for casting them so you can read their message, ideas and tips for incorporating runes into your magical practice, and more.


Inner Psychic

Are you psychic? Of course you are! Some people are more naturally able to pick up these psychic vibrations much like some people are born naturally better at sports or music. But, everyone can be a psychic, you just need to learn how to access these abilities.


Taking Time for Tea

Drinking tea alone is a form of meditation. Drinking tea with others is a form of community and friendship. The act of preparing tea, whether it is for yourself or for someone else, is an act of love and caring. When we give tea the time and care it deserves, it returns to us all its gifts.


Reading Tarot Q&A

Although Tarot decks have become a popular means of divination, beginners and experienced readers still have many questions about the Tarot. I opened a forum for questions with my audience and answered everyone. Topics cover everything from how to shuffle and flip to how to weave a story within the cards.


Dream Interpretation

One of the most common ways for us to tap into our intuition is through our dreams. Everyone dreams nightly, whether you remember, or not. You can learn to recall your dreams and, even more importantly, how to interpret what they are telling you.


Psychic Development

Psychics receive information through their paraphysical senses. Psychic development can assist in a variety of ways including making life decisions, finding lost objects, and a heightened sense of personal awareness.



Foundation Courses


Witchcraft 101

Witchcraft 101 is a course for anyone who is interested in learning how to weave magic into the mundane and learn the basics of witchcraft. The purpose is to build a foundation and your confidence so that your magic works more consistently.


Resource Library

The Mumbles & Things Resource Library holds all the goodies, reference pages and worksheets you might want to help you keep your witchcraft practice organized. Grimoire and book of shadows tables, reference guides for crystals, herbs, colors and astrology, Information about the Tarot, and more!


Confidence Challenge

Three sessions focused on building your confidence in yourself and in your magic. Start by writing your witchcraft story. Learn about the history of feminism and witchcraft and reclaim the word witch. Then, discover your life's purpose and how you can use your magic to help others.


Energy Work

There are three basic principles to manipulating energy: grounding, centering and shielding. Each has its own specific purpose. These three disciplines enhance intuitive skills. By practicing them you will find you sleep better, remember your dreams more clearly, enter a meditative state more easily, and handle stress more effectively.


Making Time for Magick

When you want suggestions for practicing daily or bringing magick into the day-to-day routine, what you're saying is that there's not enough time for both magick and mundane. In order to experience magick daily, you need to be aware of it and make room for it. Every day can be magickal if you make a conscious choice to embrace it.


The Art of Blessing

We talk about the blessings in our lives, we ask for blessings to come our way, we bless others when we meet them, but what does it really mean? The way I see it there are three kinds of blessings. The first are the blessings we see in our own life. The second is the idea that the source of power is blessed. And the third type of blessings are the blessings we are able to offer to another person.



Bonus Bundle


The En-Witching Challenge

With the Mumbleship you also get each of the sessions from the 30-Day En-Witching Challenge. The Mumbles & Things En-Witching challenge was created in honor of the renewing energy of the Witch's New Year or Samhain. Themes focus on introspection and self-exploration. Look at witchy topics in a way you may not have considered yet.


Every MUMBLER receives lifetime access to EVERY BONUS COURSE LISTED ABOVe.

Yeah, you read that right.

When you sign up for a membership, you get EVERY. SINGLE. COURSE.

The membership currently contains over 25 awesome courses and new courses are added each month.

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The style and thoroughness of the lessons is impressive. I appreciated the printable worksheets, too. I love the accessibility. Many of the witches I've found online are more into the aesthetic than the teaching, and its frustrating. Your site gave me exactly what I was looking for: a structured way to learn more about the craft. I have been struggling to study witchcraft, as I've recently had a baby and have zero "me" time. These resources have helped by allowing me to listen and learn while the kiddo naps.

— Johanna

The Mumbleship is full of learning materials for witches

and with a membership, you can access them ALL!

This membership is for you: the eclectic witch, who is interested in learning a little of everything, and wants to really immerse herself in a variety of topics so that she can improve every area of her life MAGICALLY.


Incredible Value

Save up to 85% of
full price on individual courses!

For as long as you’re a member, your membership fee grants you access to ALL of Mumbles Academy.

+ NEW witchy content each month!

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When it comes to magic, you could be doing BIG things to...

  • pursue your passion

  • attract wealth and abundance

  • develop your hobbies

  • protect yourself and your loved ones

  • safeguard your home and property

  • be more authentic and true to yourself

  • improve your health

  • seek equity and justice

  • release your shadow self and transform

  • explore your spirituality

  • give your career a boost

  • enhance your love life

  • improve relationships with friends and family

  • interpret messages from the divine

  • and generally... take charge of your life!


BUT, there are 3 mistakes people make in their witchcraft practice:

  1. Not trusting their own intuition and inner wisdom

  2. Doubting their own abilities

  3. Not knowing where to start (and therefore not starting anywhere)

Being able to connect with your innate power, and manifest all of the things you desire, comes down to not making these mistakes. 

In my work with over 3,000 new and experienced witches alike, I’ve found that in order to achieve your dreams you have to trust yourself, make a plan and take action, and believe in what you are capable of.

mumbleship-witchcraft (1).png

I’m going to help you and guide you in your practice.

I believe that there is magic in the mundane and we need only take the time to see and feel it.


The truth is, there is no RIGHT way to go about practicing witchcraft. Or rather, the right way, is YOUR way.

The Mumbleship is meant to help you understand how magic works and give you ideas and support to trust yourself to use it.

This program is how you are going to get from feeling lost and without direction to a place where you...


Feel confident and trust yourself again!

It looks like you have info on just about anything and everything a newbie needs to get started. I can see you have a lot of information out there that can help a newbie like me find her path.

— Constance Treat

The amount of information I found and am still getting every day is amazing. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I feel comfortably at home here. I went from being unsure and having so many questions to having my questions answered and feeling confident.

— Rachel

I want you to live the life of your dreams.


I believe that everyone has magic and gifts to share with the world.

I want to give you the tools you need so you can share yours and ultimately make the world a better place.

We can work together to raise global consciousness!

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Here's what my students are saying about my courses and resources


You always go above and beyond and I really feel like you're trustworthy in every way. I like all things magic. I've always been drawn to these sorts of things and you've given me a community I can finally relate to. A place where I fit in. Here I'm normal. The resources have given me more insight into myself and the world around me. I love how you give us all the extra information as well.

— Savannah Blake

I just really like how you explain things, without going in too deep or getting carried away on any subject. I like how interactive you are with the site and how you can feel the real passion behind it. I have a better insight to my own intuition and can always come here to find an answer to what Im searching for. Or at least find some good leads to get me goin’.

— Tara Cunningham

You exceed my expectations in every way! You are a light for so many including myself. Thank you! I’ve been a Witch for some time but not practicing. Finding Mumbles has brought me back to the practice of witchcraft so the videos, newsletters, resource library and group have been really important to me. They brought me out of a sleeping slumber. My Witch powers have been awakened. And I feel each day, I’m learning more in my craft. Thank you, Maggie. I really don’t remember how I found Mumbles but I’m so happy the universe guided me to you!

— Crystal 

The resources that you offer are great for beginners who might feel overwhelmed learning everything. I think that you are doing an excellent job with this. It’s a good environment you have made for everyone of every walk of life to learn, feel free to reach out, and experience other's points of views on things pertaining to crystals, herbs and other stuff. I’m a beginner and I’m learning to come into my own and the worksheets that are provided in the resources are great to help someone who’s learning or even those who need a refresher.

— Emilia Santiago 

You have exceeded my expectations in course variety, fb page, mentorship, and planner. You all are doing a great job!!! I love learning new things, I love the courses and community. I have created new dendrites! These resources help me realize that I am not alone, that other people believe in magic, like I do. These resources teach me new information (formation of dendrites) and help me focus. Mumbles and Things/Mumble Academy has allowed me to identify that I am in a broom-closet, that other people have been in this closet, and other people have accepted and embraced their witchyness.

— Misty Luettgerodt

Mumbles & Things has so much information, is open to differing opinions and is accepting. The courses are great, and I actually enjoy seeing your smile in the videos. You seem to be a very genuine person and I very much appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us. The courses and videos have helped me start my journey, not only with specifics on how to do certain things, but by letting me know/realize that things don’t have to be “perfect” and to just START. 

— Sheena Shepard 

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The Mumbleship


Monthly Updates of:

  • Witchcraft and Magick Lessons ($150)

  • Guidance and Support ($750)

  • Divination Training ($200)

  • Worksheets and Reference Pages ($45)

  • Book of Spells and Rituals ($50)

  • Guided Meditations ($60)

  • Discussion and Questions ($300)


and $1500+ in BONUSES!

  • Magical Herbs ($20)

  • The Power of Crystals ($20)

  • Reading Your Natal Chart ($60)

  • Knot Magic ($20)

  • Creating Sigils ($20)

  • Mastering the Runes ($80)

  • Connecting with Your Inner Psychic ($20)

  • Taking Time for Tea ($20)

  • Reading Tarot Q&A ($60)

  • Dream Interpretation ($40)

  • Psychic Development ($40)

  • Witchcraft 101 ($20)

  • Resource Library ($400)

  • Confidence Challenge ($20)

  • Energy Work ($20)

  • Making Time for Witchcraft Daily ($20)

  • The Art of Blessing ($20)

  • The En-Witching Challenge ($600)


I’m offering it ALL for Just $30/month
Sign up now!


You will receive all content instantly after signing up, but you have lifetime access and can go
through the courses whenever you’d like.


So who am I to guide you through this process? 

Hi. I’m your teacher, Maggie Haseman

I’m the Boss Witch at Mumbles & Things, a go-to source for witches and other magickians who want to learn about their inate power. Through workshops, ebooks and ecourses, M&T offers community and support for budding and experienced witches. My spiritual journey started in my childhood, with focused witchcraft for 6 years, I have worked with over 1,000 witches in my programs and I can’t wait to count you among them!

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Is the Mumbleship Right for You?


Individual Practice


Do you know what I like best about witchcraft and spirituality? It can be so personal and unique to the individual. 

There is no right or wrong way to practice, and I leave room in my lessons for you to be your own witchy self.


I want you to practice your way, not my way.

The purpose of the Mumbleship is to offer support and guidance, not to dictate what you should or shouldn't be doing in your own life. 

My lessons are set up to give you ideas and to help you understand certain concepts about witchcraft and spiritual practices. But, if something doesn't resonate with you, don't force it. Feel free to email me and I'll help you come up with alternative practices and ideas.

If you feel unsure of what to do to manifest your specific goals, or if you feel disconnected from you path, the Mumbleship is there to redirect you and help you find your way again.

You have taught me to look at things in other ways than they are meant to be and reminded me that my power comes from within me. I don't have to have a bunch of stuff to follow my beliefs. But sometimes it's nice to have something to help you focus more to give yourself a little boost.

— Mary
mumbleship-witchcraft (4).png

Time and Money


The Mumbleship is an investment of time and money.

Of course, this is a personal choice but if I'm being honest, you can't afford not to invest in yourself. One year from now you'll wish you had started on this guided spiritual journey today.

The Mumbleship is a unique opportunity designed to guide you through the energies of a solar cycle and align you with the lunar cycles throughout the year. 

So many people tell themselves, "I'll do it when I have more money," or "I'll do it when I have more time." Here's the thing: you are worth investing your time and money in. You are worth investing in your spiritual and personal development.

Sure, you could patch together some YouTube trainings and buy stacks of books for reference, but you'll probably spend more time and money on researching these things for yourself in the end when I've already done all that for you!

If you really don't have the money to spend on something like this right now, I totally understand. I don't want anyone to go bankrupt trying to pay for this offer. However, I do want to give you full disclosure that as I continue to improve and update courses in the Mumbleship, I will need to increase the price in the future. 

If you are interested in joining this program, do it now.

👇 👇 👇


As for time, I know you're busy. Each course in the Mumbleship is about one hour of total video, but I limit the lessons within the course to 3-10 minutes so that you can watch them without needing to commit a huge chunk of time.

Course Image.png

Additionally, the Mumbleship includes a course called "Making Time for Magick Daily". Where I give you tons of tips and tricks for weaving magick into your daily routine. 

Free Hint: It's all about finding the magic in the mundane moments. 😉




If you're sitting there thinking, "I don't know if I'm ready for this," I want you to know that you probably will never feel truly ready. 

Honestly, going after your dreams is scary, and taking a leap of faith is hard; but there is no training to prepare you for this journey:

This is the training.

Remember that witchcraft is a never-ending journey. Whether you are just starting out, or you have been practicing for a lifetime, there is always more to learn. It's never too early—or too late—to start.

I'm here to guide you and to help you. I will meet you where you are and answer questions to help you understand. 

Each month you will receive new courses and lessons to your membership account and I will walk you through how to use this information in your practice. 


Start viewing everything in your life through a magical lens.

In the Mumbleship I share everything I do in my practice that keeps me aligned with Earth-based magic and spirituality. I help you to make time for your practice and guide your through the year.

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I love your generosity of spirit, encouragement to thrive in practice. These resources provide supportive focus.

— Brianna

The amount of resources available and the topics covered are extensive. The resources have helped me to begin my witchcraft journey at my own pace, without judgement or having to reach anyone’s expectations, while also having a support network there if I need it.

— Clare

There's so much information, and you explain everything so well! It helps me see / feel / perform magick on a daily basis!

— Megan Martin

You’ve Got Questions?

I’ve got answers!


▽ When does the course start?

A: Instantly! Once you confirm payment you will be taken to a thank you page with instructions for how to view the course content.

▽ How long do I have access to the course?

A: You can access every single course in the school for as long as you maintain an active membership to the Academy!

▽ What methods of payment do you accept?

A: PayPal and Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover through Stripe payment processor.

▽ What format does the course come in?

A: Good question! The course materials are shared as video tutorials, written content and a printable workbook.

▽ Do you prorate previously purchased courses?

A: If you have already purchased one or more courses that are included in this bundle, send me an email and we'll make an individualized plan on a case by case basis.

▽ Do I really need to spend money on something like this?

A: To get the result you want, you need to have someone just tell you what to do. Sure, you can patch together some training from Youtube but you won’t get the highest quality stuff until you’re willing to invest in yourself. That’s when the real changes happen.

▽ How much time is this going to add to my schedule?

A: Each course has about one hour of video content, the amount of time you spend practicing witchcraft is entriely upt to you. If you need help managing your time, be sure to follow the tips in the "Making Time for Magick" course.

▽ How do I know if I'm ready for this kind of membership?

A: This bundle is designed for witches of all levels. The fact that you are reading this suggests you are ready to take the next step in your practice.


Cancel your mumbleship
at any time

If, for whatever reason, you find that this membership isn't working for you, you are free to cancel.

No hard feelings.

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The Mumbleship

Sign up now!


You will receive all content instantly after signing up, but you have lifetime access and can go
through the course whenever you’d like.


  • accessing a library of reliable guides and tutorials to help you whenever you feel stuck.

  • learning practical, applicable techniques that will enhance your practice.

  • having feelings of confidence and direction flood in to replace your confusion.


 © 2019 Mumbles & Things, LLC