Full List of
Mumbles & Things Community Moderator Tasks

Please read if you’re interested in becoming a moderator!



I am pretty strict about who can enter this space because of the nature of our topics. I have worked hard to cultivate a supportive and active community. Requirements to join are as follows:

  • Answer all three questions (shows me they are willing to participate) “You must be at least 18 years old to join this group as some content is religious in nature. Are you old enough to enter?” (check that they are old enough, legal issues with teaching religion to minors) “What would you like to gain through joining this group? And how can you contribute?” and “How did you find out about this group?”

  • Page or Person? Profile must belong to a person and not a page. A page is likely only interested in self promotion, a person is interested in being a supportive and encouraging other members.

  • Invited by/friends with another member? If profile was invited by/friends with another member they can be accepted even if they haven’t answered the questions.

  • When did they join? Most spam or bot profiles were created within a couple months of when you are checking member requests. Some are very convincing, if you’re skeptical at all, message them or decline. No bots allowed!

Record the answers to the questions of the people you accept in some way that makes sense to you (copy-paste) and send to me for my marketing and content creation process. Then, comment on the “Time to Welcome Our Newest Members!” post in the Start Here Unit with a tag for all the members you have accepted.

This will likely be the majority of the work. It might look like a lot but it doesn’t take very long. :)


This is to make sure all is well. I know some days will be busier for moderators than others, so checking in multiple times a day isn’t always necessary. Please check in at least once each day on a regular basis to make sure everything is okay. The next detail below will cover what’s “okay” and what isn’t.


This does not happen very often, but as membership grows it might happen more frequently. An “inappropriate” post/comment is anything that doesn’t follow the group guidelines and themes. It could be any of the following:

  • Something that isn’t kind or courteous - We're working together to create a welcoming environment. All posts and comments should treat other members with respect. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required.

  • Something that could be considered hate speech or bullying - Make sure everyone feels safe. Bullying of any kind isn't allowed, and degrading comments about things like race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated.

  • Something that is a promotions or spam - Members are expected to give more than they take to the group. Self-promotion, spam and irrelevant links aren't allowed. There are posts that are specifically designed for promotion of products or websites. These posts are the only place for self-promotion.

  • Something that is disrespectful of another’s path - The paths we walk and the practices we do can be different, but we can gain more through acceptance and respect.

  • Something that directs members out of the group - It is possible to answer someone's question without directing them out of the group do so. Self-promotion is not allowed unless specified by the admin or moderator. Members should share their wisdom through offering help within the group, rather than linking to their latest blog post.

  • Something that is whining without seeking help - We don’t expect members to be 100% positive all the time. That's impossible. When a member has a problem, they are to use this group as a place to ask for advice, guidance and support. They should ask specific questions, give details and try to interpret things themself first. This group is not for venting!

  • Something that is off topic - Approved topics include witchcraft, metaphysical, paganism, new age-y, lightwork, energy Work, shamanism, wicca, neo-paganism, angels, healing and health, psychic abilities and intuitive, spirituality, divination, religion, crystals and herbs, astrology, the moon, feminism, humanitarianism, environmentalism, personal life and things along these lines.


This probably won’t happen often, but there may be times when a thread is at risk of getting emotionally heated or personal. A moderator’s task would be to step in and try to cool things down. Ideally, a polite reminder should be all that’s needed. If that doesn’t work, then it may be necessary to use the “Turn off commenting” function for that thread.


Moderators are always welcome to start their own threads and share their own experiences and stories, just like regular members. But if there’s conflict in a thread and you have to step in to moderate, don’t take sides or get emotionally involved. Simply keep things positive, safe, and welcoming.


Offer friendly warnings to rule breakers and, if necessary, ban repeat offenders from the group. The best thing to do when a member violates a group guideline is to politely remind them of the guideline they’re breaking. If for some reason someone keeps breaking the same guideline, then it might be necessary to “ban” that person from the group. If it does become necessary to ban someone, please do it discreetly and don’t announce it to the whole group.


In general, be lenient and give people the benefit of the doubt. This is meant to be an supporting and encouraging community so we don’t want to be overly vigilant or strict. Every now and then people might make mistakes. Just politely point out their mistake and ask them to avoid doing it again. Only do something as drastic as banning a member if it’s becoming a repeated problem.


This means not deleting a member’s post or banning anyone from the group for personal reasons if they aren’t violating any guidelines. I don’t expect this would ever happen in this group but it has been known to happen in other Facebook groups.


Should there be more than one moderator at a time, you must respect and trust each other’s judgement as moderators. This is necessary for this system to work. If another moderator makes a decision to close commenting on a thread, delete a thread, or ban a member, respect that moderator’s decision and trust that it was for a good reasons. If you second guess each other this system won’t work. If you have a real concern, ask me.


After reading the full list of moderator tasks, if you’re still interested please fill out the application below: