How to Place a Custom Order


Have you ever wanted to design your own jewelry? Mumbles & Things offer a style for just about everyone, but the idea of a just-for-you creation is tempting isn't it? Now you can combine any of my components with your personal intention. You can design your custom jewelry on your screen in just a few minutes by filling out the custom order form.

Custom Order Form

The order form is meant to help you brainstorm the kind of bracelet you want to have me build for you, and I'll admit it is extensive. This is because I want you to know all your options. Let's break it down so you know exactly what each of these list fields is for.


The first thing I need to know is your name. This is so that I can treat you like the human you are and not a number. ;)


Next, I'll need your email. This is so I can respond to your request with a price and design ideas. By submitting your email in this form, you are consenting to receive emails from me for the duration of the design process.


After that, I need you to describe your style to me. I want your bracelet to be your favorite bracelet. To get there, I need to understand the style of accessory you tend to wear most often. So what is your signature style?

  • Minimalist: You keep up with the trends, but you have a deep rooted appreciation for classics with a simple twist.

  • Eccentric: You aren't afraid to play with colors and shapes. You make bold fashion choices.

  • Trendy: You're the first one out of your friends to test out new textures and silhouettes.

  • Bohemian: Your look is laidback with a touch of California-cool; you're drawn to easy-to-wear pieces with an edge.

  • Glamorous: Is there such a thing as too much drama?? You certainly don't think so.

  • Sophisticated: You live for tailored wardrobe staples like jeans and button-front blouses, but you bring a level of worldly charm to your look with mineral and marble extras.

  • Something else? Paint me a word picture.


Do you have a budget for your design? This helps me to know what gems and fixtures to present in a design idea? Most bracelets on Mumbles & Things are between $25 and $55 for one bracelet. If you want a stack, it increases (with a small bulk discount).


Knowing if you have a time frame helps me plan when I can make your bracelet. Let me know if you need the bracelet in your hands by a certain day. Leave it blank if you don't have a timeline.


If you're building a custom order as a gift it's helpful for me to know this. Especially, if you plan to have it shipped directly the to recipient. I will know not to include a price on the receipt.


You can choose between silver, gold, copper and bronze colors for metal accents. I like to know this information to help me know what to offer you in the design phase.


Do you want a charm or do you prefer no charm? Every charm is made of a zinc alloy and are lead free. They are all small enough that they don't generally get in the way of daily activity. If you are concerned about size let me know in the additional information box and I'll be sure to offer only the smallest charms. Based on the metal accent you choose I can offer you certain charm options.

  • Silver: mermaid, tree, lotus, bee, elephant, om, fairy, unicorn

  • Gold: mermaid, bee, lotus, fairy, unicorn, elephant

  • Copper: mermaid, tree, elephant, fairy

  • Bronze: mermaid, lotus, bee, fairy


Do you want to be able to use your bracelet with essential oils? If yes, you'll need at least one lava stone included in the design. Lava stone is an igneous volcanic rock that has solidified from molten lava. This quick cooling process makes the stone both very light and very hard. The porous surface is perfect for absorbing essential oils. The scent generally lasts on the stones for one to three days. Let me know if this is a feature you like.


Below, you will find a list of every gemstone I have to offer. Next to each stone is three key associations. Feel free to browse the list or if you'd rather I choose just include what intention you have in the additional information box, and I will match stones with your intention.

  • Moss Agate (growth, nurturing, new beginnings)

  • Tree Agate (harmony, calming, removes blockages)

  • Amazonite (expression, balance, inspiration)

  • Amethyst (protection, purification, spirituality)

  • Green Aventurine (healing, abundance, growth)

  • Bloodstone (detoxifying, healing, grounding)

  • Carnelian (creativity, physical vitality, grounding)

  • Citrine (abundance, emotional balance, chakra cleanser)

  • Fluorite (stabilizing, grounding, harmonizing)

  • Garnet (love, loyalty, commitment)

  • Goldstone (protection, uplifting, drive)

  • Hematite (grounding, balancing, detoxifying)

  • Howlite (calming, awareness, spiritual)

  • Jade (stability, prosperity, longevity)

  • Dalmatian Jasper (protection, grounding, transmutes negative energy)

  • Mookaite Jasper (awareness, intuition, healing)

  • Red Jasper (nurturing, grounding, stabilizing)

  • Labradorite (strength, transformation, intuition)

  • Lapis Lazuli (communication, intuition, inner power)

  • Larvikite (protection, clarity, intuition)

  • Moonstone (intuition, inspiration, goddess energy)

  • Obsidian (grounding, protecting, healing)

  • Onyx (protection, encouragement, strength)

  • Clear Quartz (healing, enhancing, amplification)

  • Rose Quartz (all types of love, compassion, self esteem)

  • Smokey Quartz (removes negativity, grounding, transformation)

  • Serpentine (abundance, manifestation, healing)

  • Sodalite (intuition, focuses energy, guidance)

  • Tigers Eye (protection, creativity, balance)

  • Unakite (balance, release, spiritual insight)


If you have anything else you'd like to share with me such as your zodiac sign or your intention for using this bracelet make sure you write me a note in this box. I will do my best to accommodate you.

Easy peasy, right?

Custom Order Terms

This is a direct quote from the Mumbles & Things Services page.

"If you have a vision I am happy to bring it into reality. Fill out the custom order form that we just discussed and I’ll work with you to make your custom order.

"After receiving your custom order form I will respond with a design option and propose a price. If you think I'm on the right track and we both agree to continue, I will invoice you for payment in full.

"In correspondence about custom orders, I may have question for you. If I receive no response (within two days) from you after two emails, I will send a third notifying you that the order is cancelled and inviting you to place the order again."

What does your dream design look like? Tell me in the comments below.